Thursday, March 20, 2014

March IHSW and the little travel case

It seems like FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR since the last IHSW, but day after tomorrow will be the Saturday Hangout here in Nerd Central Command.  Very exciting.  Had the girls chatting last weekend which was just what the doctor ordered. I think we needed more "we" time.

The other day I got it in my head to make up a little travel case of little projects I can stitch up while at work. Should have taken a picture of it for you, but.....I'll try for that tomorrow at work.

Anywho, I put all the little kits that came with The World of Cross Stitch in the little travel case and one little WIP called THEY to work on before I actually start work and during my lunches.  This was a wonderful idea and I am almost done with THEY.  They way I figure it I'll have all of those little things done in no time and can re-fill my little travel case with some of those little things on THE LIST and get those going as well. Since I do the larger projects at home, it just made sense to take the little things to work. 

Because I was so excited about putting this together I didn't add the little things to THE LIST so hopefully I get that done tomorrow so you know what they are.  I am going to put the Bookmark Kit in the little travel case when it's time to fill it again along with the patterns for the Blackwork Bookmarks Series 1 & 2, Knotwork Bookmarks II and all of my biscornu patterns which will be kitted and ready to stitch.  Should be fun for you to sit back and watch these little things get stitched up.  

THEY has a long, detailed story behind it that is work related and the joke wouldn't make sense to you unless you knew everything about the ins and outs of my job, but I will find a way to tell the story behind it to make it somewhat comprehensible when it is finished.  THEY is a kind of free style design-as-I-stitch type thing. No pattern...I tried to make one and didn't like it....and went rogue on it.  I like the chaos of it (which is weird due to the OCD nature of my being which demands perfection in all things).

This first little bit is what I did during the 25 minutes before work on Wednesday. I'm using my Weeks Dye Works Over dyed floss for all of it.  As of today, the rest of the words are on and I'm now working on flowers and butterflies.  It is a gift for my friend and ex-coworker who thought that leaving my side and moving to Florida was a good idea.  For her it seems to be just what she needed and wanted.

I have another coworker who does framing and today we discussed how THEY should be framed and he will do it for me.  If this turns out nicely, he and I may have a nice little business agreement for framing my stuff.  That would be so convenient for both of us!

I was on my Photobucket and didn't realize that out of the 28 items completed, 24 of them were cross stitch projects.  I would like to think this year's number will be higher and with little things in the little travel case getting done at work during lunches, oh boy!!

My work will be undergoing a four month layoff starting June 3rd, imagine what I can accomplish with so much free time!  The possibilities are mind blowing!!  It's exciting and scary at the same time. We knew it was coming but we didn't know it would be such a huge chunk of time.  Sprucing up the CV for other potential jobs that don't allow for lay offs and we will see what happens this summer.  As I like to say, "It's all good."

If we don't see you Saturday, have a happy IHSW, and just keep stitching!


  1. That is one hell of a layoff, at least it's not in winter. I'll be late to the party again on Saturday, but there also might be curling on at the same time, if so I'll turn my camera to the TV and you can watch as well.

  2. You seem to be back to your usual self and on top of it all again, that's very good to read ^_^ Your little-pieces-travel back is a great idea, I can already see you stitching up stuff in a storm and flood your blog with lots and lots of cute and pretty little pictures, really looking forward to that and the story behind THEY :D

    1. Yes! That funk doesn't usually last long and is only once a year (thank goodness). I'm updating my blog to show off the little travel case so everyone can see :D You will LOVE it!