Friday, February 28, 2014

Stitch From Stash and Other Dilemnas

Well, hmmmm.........we had the big splurge weekend but wouldn't you know it!!  I'm going through my TW patterns and was thinking "gosh I should be stitching up the 12 Days of Christmas one per month so I can decide what to do with them in December".  So I respectfully read the instructions that Teresa carefully composed, and dig through my stash looking for the right fabric at the right size and find there isn't anything there remotely suitable.  

This is quite a situation I have found myself in.  This is also where one is supposed to get "creative" and consider alternatives to what is being called for in the pattern.  This is then where I magically end up at my computer, browsing around 123 Stitch and drooling over fabric.  Why I ended up there and not PTP or Colour Cascade I really don't know, but there it is.  So I find a wonderful RED and think how wonderfully awesome 12 Days would look on that.....clicky to the wishlist.....then I look up the Mill Hill beads needed....clicky to the wishlist....then I think since I'm here adding things to the wish list I should look at my other patterns and see....more clicky to the wishlist.

About an hour later I am feeling quite pleased with myself and turn to go kick my own butt at Wii bowling.  I bowl, and I bowl and I bowl.  With a wonderful score of 279 I feel very successful indeed and bounce off to do the dishes which magically reproduced in the sink while I was online and then again while I was bowling.

Once finished with all of that and still feeling pretty darn good about things I come back to my computer and see I have email from 123 Stitch.  Naturally curious, I clicky on the email and find that somehow I had gone from clicky to the wishlist to clicky to the cart and now have a package on the way.  Isn't that nice?  I wonder who did that? How incredibly decent of someone to send me something from my wish list!!

Why can't these moments happen during splurge time? Well it didn't and now I must be accountable for what I did.  So here is the damage: Aztec Red: $22.93, Guacamole: $22.93, Cashel Antique White $15.65 and beads $1.29.  Grand Total: $62.80. Before you start slapping me around, I would like to point out that the............dammit, seriously I have no good reason to justify this (except for the white fabric and the beads and look at me go trying to justify it even now!).

I could try and justify it by telling you my sob story about being laid off this summer and I'd better get what I can now so I'm not tempted during the layoff time and thereby leaving me so completely broke we will all starve to death or become homeless (that is serious business), or I could say something completely ridiculous about how I really didn't do that and how dare they go ahead and charge me for things I swear I just had on my wishlist and all that.....we all know the painful truth.  I'm not good with the Stitch From Stash budget. Plain and simple.  I'm still going to stick with it and  try and who knows? Maybe I will make up for it later this year?  Maybe I will be able to resist for longer than....hmmmm two weeks? No wait, three weeks. At least my bills were paid before this happened! 

So starting tomorrow, March 1, 2014 I vow to spend no more money on anything I absolutely do not need.  I do know what I can do....share my spoils with my girls and yes there will be pictures of that Aztec Red and the Guacamole.  I'm thinking I can cut it into perfect portions for biscornu and bookmarks....but that idea can wait until I get the fabric...and now I'm babbling...seeking I PATHETIC or what???

Until next time......happy stitching and no hoarding!


  1. You didn't push the buy button, it was those evil fairies that dirtied your dishes, And the red sounds fun, so you really can't be blamed for that, And I just found a pattern for a birth announcement that is a tractor and my nephew is a farmer so it would be perfect for his baby. But first I'm going to pretend to look through my stash before I buy it.

    1. Oh Nancy!! You had me a "pretend" hahahahahaha!

  2. And this is why I need a stash of fabric to call my own so I don't have to go online and order fabric like that. :P

    That being said, I can't wait to see the fabric you ordered.

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  3. If I keep this up you WILL have a stash of fabric hahahahaha!

  4. Naughty Carla, if you keep buying and starting new stuff I'll never see the progress on No Drama and ECS and Stretch and Celtic Godess I'm so curious about! On the other hand, 12 Days of Christmas would be nice to see

    I also don't approve of you being laid off - what are theses people thinking? Do I need to come over there and kick their backsides?