Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rotational Update

With all of the interviews being published it was a little difficult to get a word of my own in edgewise!  I love these interviews and the comments I'm getting locally and in the cyber-world have been wonderful.  I might even "convert" another person to cross stitch soon!  That will make 2 for this year.

Last time I updated I was on the No Drama stint and that is a fun little project.  A little scary since I created the pattern and am concerned it won't come out the way I see it in my mind, but I won't know until it's all done.  Like the Derpy pattern I made...that came out super cute, so why am I so worried?  High standards leads to high anxiety...someone needs to chillax.  Oh yeah, that would be me.

No Drama WIP
This isn't 10 hours worth of work.  I'm not entirely sure how many hours, possibly 2.5 or 3.  I thought I would be clever and start a timer (like when you bake there is the countdown clock?) and when I paused it to get some sleep, got up the next day it had cleared itself.  That will teach me to not write down my time in my Stitcher's Diary.

This was fine because I had to work on Tiny Butterfly.  This is one of those little Bucilla kits that you find in the bargain bins at Wal Mart, Joann's, Michael's, the dollar get my drift right?  Well, my co-worker had picked it up for the amazing price of 50 cents and was telling me how she wanted to make one for her and one for her daughter so they could sew them onto their towels.  Then she eyed me carefully (it was almost a sweat inducing scrutiny) and asked if I would do it for her.  Of course I would.  I cannot possibly resist starting yet another project even if it is tiny and my nerdy expando-file is filled to bursting.  

Tiny Butterfly was added to The List, and while I was working on No Drama there was much thinking about how I could take that fugly pattern and make it into something beautiful.  When the incident with the timer happened I said POO! and pulled out the little fugly package, carefully extracted the pattern trying with all my might not to get any of that fugly on me.  It truly is a gruesome site.  The pattern itself is pretty and OH how many different color ideas come to many that I wondered why the colors the pattern calls for were even chosen. FUH-GLEE!!!  

This was a short rotation since it took me a grand total of six hours to do both ONLY because I had to copy the pattern and then flip it so each one is the same but opposite.  AND, I used over-dyed floss and we all know that with those you have to stitch one square at a time complete and that takes time.

Tiny Butterfly
Yes, I added some bling.  I gave the finished pieces to my co-worker along with the fugly package (still intact) and she says these are so beautiful she might do something else with them than put them on towels.

Another satisfied person <3 div="">

Barely a start....
So now that is done I'm now working on the Dimensions Gold Collection Petites Bookmarks. 

These won't take very long and I need them out of the nerdy expando-file to give my larger projects room to breathe.  As much as I like the rotation, I'm going through another phase where I want to focus solely on one project and that is it.  Never fear, these little projects are just what I needed to help myself stick with the rotation as they are quick projects with almost instant gratification attached to them.  I'm not sure how I will handle it when I have nothing left but large projects.

There you have it!  A little rotational update.  Must get my stop watch set up and going!

Until next time.....


  1. When you run out of small projects...... you find more small projects, like biscornu, and I do love those little butterflies, and am very curious what No Drama's going to look like

  2. Yes! I have three biscornu I need to make so those go in the nerdy expando-file when there is room :D No Drama is awesome in theory...I'm very hopeful it is in reality too :D

  3. Ah...I had hoped to see a little more of No Drama; but this butterflies are very cute as well :D This bookmarks also look very nice. I hope you don't forget your stitching over all this interview-posting ^_^

  4. Those bookmarks look like they are going to be great. ^_^ And I think the butterfly on the right is my favorite. I love those pastel colors.

    1. thank you! Apparently the daughter of my co-worker decided they were both hers ha ha!

  5. Tiny Butterflys, how sweet are they and far too lovely to go on a towel, I am so pleased your co worker decided to do something else with them ( for some utterly absurd reason i just thought stripper pasties!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY MIND!!!)
    but now I've said it!! oh i need to get some self control :)

    1. I'm thinking they WOULD make some great pasties! Granted that wasn't on my list of things I would have done with them, but I love new ideas :D

  6. It's good that rotation is working for you :D and yay for shiny butterflies!