Saturday, February 15, 2014

February WIPocalypse With A Big Question

Good morning!!  Yes, it is a good morning even if it is raining all over the foot of snow we received yesterday making road conditions and even walking conditions "exciting".  So never mind the weather!  We have cross stitch AND yarn to update with!

I finally received the two balls of firecracker red I needed to finish the Dr Who Shada Scarf that is now going into it's second year of knitting, hurrah!

Instead of clogging up my blog and slowing your coms down, I figured I would  just take one shot of all ongoing WIPs at this time for your viewing pleasure.

Oh look!  China's Olympic Curling team!
I have started SKULL and must stitch it all at once all the way through in order for it to not count for my Stitch from Stash as it is a gift.  

This interrupts my rota, but that's alright, for now.

The Big Question for this month's WIPocalypse is How many projects do you feel comfy having at one time?

I have to tell you the truth:  ONE. The ONE I really want to work on right now is ECS.

I know you are looking at that picture thinking "but there is more than ONE there, right?? Or am I seeing things?"  There is more than one and that is because I want to stitch everything all at once.  One of my goals for last year was to not have any WIPs at the end of the year.  Epic fail on that score and here I start a new year with more.  This is why I'm doing the rotation of 10 hour increments.  I even set up my sewing table and put all the floss out so I didn't have to technically kit anything up, just pull the color I need. Everything is tucked nicely into the nerdy expando-file and ready for the next rotation, EPIC KITTING!! ha ha!

I do have a three day weekend this time around, but sadly, I woke up very early this morning with the current local virus and am now considering whether or not I should try and go back to bed or get some stitching in.  I'm thinking sleep first since stitching when you are tired ends up with massive amounts of frogging.

One last thing before I wander back to the safety of my nest; the ECS project is my first ever BAP!!  It just occurred to me at this very moment as a wave of gut cramps, nausea and chills swept over me!  Strange to still be thinking of stitching and ongoing projects when......uh oh, gotta go back to the loo......

Have a lovely weekend and happy stitching!


  1. I SEE CURLING!!!!!!!
    And welcome to the ranks of BAP I love them,
    And Mom's birthday is next week, how fast are you, and can you deliver by hand?

    1. I know her birthday is next week and I'm not that fast!!! I looked at how much is left to do and shuddered and wanted to cry. So how about Christmas 2014? And because of my first BAP I needed longer bars for the scroll frame...seriously could have gotten away with $17 for a WANT, but had to spend $24 for a NEED...rats!

    2. Good thing it's splurge weekend, and Christmas is fine, especially if hand delivered.
      Oh and sorry for beating you twice today.

  2. I hope you feel well again soon...there are so many lovely projects there, and I can't wait to read more about each and every one of them ^_^