Sunday, February 23, 2014

February IHSW and the Skull

For the first time we had all of our TW Stitchers in the Hangout on the same day!!  Sadly, not the same time, but Krystal and I were there to meet the girls as they came and went throughout the day.  How wonderful was it?  AWESOME!  As per usual, conversations were informative, deep and outrageous....but that is why we are clumped together in our little group, we respect and appreciate each other.

I have to say, Krystal and I did some power stitching and I can't wait for her to update with her stitching from this weekend.  She hammered through some sections while I struggled with every other stitch on Skull. Naughty Nancy finally paid attention to Cindy, we were able to see the "secret project" Magical was working on and Leonore is almost done with her mermaid!

Yes, Krystal, I figured out an easier way to crop my skull into a proud of me!!  It will take some practice to get it down right every time, but I'm thinking it went well.  The way I am doing it is far easier than anything you and I found online for directions!!  Layers my buttocks!!

My splurge for the $100 Stitch from Stash was only $39 which included a set of 30" rods for my scroll frame to work the BAPs (ECS being the biggie here) and a little one of a kind threader from HAED.

As usual, my girls allowed me to prove to them once again that high IQ or not, I'm still dumb as a post and needed to read the directions on how to use the pretty threader.  I have a sneaking suspicion they are still laughing at me, but that's fine...I AM here for your amusement.

Just so you know, this is a one of a kind as are all the threaders on HAED.  Also expensive, but for the price and being one of a kind and hand made and all mine was worth the splurge.  I would not have done it if we hadn't been allowed, so a great treat indeed.

Yes, 30" rods.  It took all four of the snaps from my largest Q-snap to do this properly!  Two per rod, end to end.  I like it and will enjoy the challenge of learning to stitch with this. Yes, it is attached to a lap stand which will not be in my lap but on my table as that is the perfect height for stitching.  Once I get over the awkward part of stitching with this, it should be smooth sailing.

After all of the fun with the girls, I thought I was going to just go to bed, but really felt over tired.  What did I do?  Yes, I bowled five strikes in a row on Wii Bowling and made it to pro so now I have a sparkly ball to bowl with and not a silly melon!  THEN I went to bed.

I really hope that you all had as much fun this weekend as I did, and for my girls...let's try the same time at the same time next time?  I know it's hard with time zones, but it really is wonderful when we are all there the same time during the same time, ha, ha!

Until next time...happy stitching!


  1. It wasn't my fault I was late, had to chauffeur Mom and Dad, and eat pie. YAY for the circle and the skull looks awesome
    Have fun with the sparkly ball!!

    1. Mom and Dad and Pie...ALL good reasons, however, I'm beginning to wonder if they pick that day exactly to be needing to go out and about? Did your mom ever find your Dad and scream out "TAG!! You're IT!"???

      I did have fun with my Sparkly Ball because I had Michael come over so I could kick his butt at bowling on Sunday :D That's right, I'm awesome but that's only because of my Wii-mote of power!

    2. Sometimes I think that's exactly what they do. I mean do you really need to go to town every day, But the pie thing is a yearly event, and a lot of fun too. I could have whined and stayed home, but then I wouldn't have had pie

  2. I'm so glad you found a way to do that. ^_^ We both figured you would once you had some time to play around with it and I'm glad I could help you find that elliptical tool.

    Yay for Wii bowling! ^_^

    1. Right? !! You don't need 15 layers of other crap in order to crop it. You have your transparent thing, and then using the eliptical you try and get a roundy cirlce around the skull and the copy, paste that circle on the transparent, then change from eliptical to rectangle, copy that and paste it on the "backgroud" save as a JPEG and on to the next. For this blog I didn't even go further than the transparent so I could have that cool looking circle, but for the video I need that black background done because when I go to put the rounds in the video you will have a stupid black background with a white background and then the roundy skull portion which is dumb. Besides, I like creating spiffy backgrounds :D THANK YOU for helping me figure out how to right click hahahahaha!

      And yes, YAY FOR WII BOWLING!!

  3. I'm sorry I couldn't join you for longer, but there was just so much other stuff to do this weekend and than I didn't feel like stitching too much anyways :( But I'm happy I finally saw you guys in person, your skull is coming along great, and these scroll frames are impressive, maybe I'll try using some of those myself sometime...

    1. No worries! We were so glad you made it! Since March is your birthday lets make a plan to get you with us in April :D

      Scroll frames are awesome for long projects, but smaller projects are best with those as the frames can be very heavy after awhile. :D

  4. I actually just bought the 30" for an upcoming HAED as well. I've used the scroll rods for so many years and have gotten so used to stitching with two hands, on the rare occasion when I have to use hoops, it takes me forever! Can't wait to see the project you plan to work on them!