Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6 Interview with Nancy Peterson

My lovely Nancy.  My twin in all things except DNA.  Partner in criminal activities which shall not be shared here.....erhm...right, moving on.......

Nancy and I have been leading each other astray for quite some time now and one would think this was a kind of "Wicked Attraction" type thing, but it's not.  100% support in all things is the foundation for our friendship....good or naughty choices....uhhhhh, yesss, I'm going there again aren't I?  My personal opinion about Nancy's character is above reproach and now I'm wondering if this is more of a letter of reference or a bloggity blog?  Once you get to know her, you too will love her because it is THAT easy.

So here is my Nancy interview, please enjoy!

1) Please, introduce yourself and be as windy as you like.  

This will be a gentle breeze. My name is Nancy, though if you are trying to Google me, you will find me much easier at Katjakay, which is my Deviant Art nom de plume. I live in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada, where I live on an orchard but don’t work there.  I am a baker at Safeway, though I worked for years in a photo lab, which is why I’m such an avid photographer. I am also obsessed with waterfalls, figure skating (watching, not doing) and the Olympics.

2) When did you first pick up a needle and what was your very first cross stitch project?

I started stitching about 9 years ago, I had been to the stitching section of Micheal's with a friend of a friend who stitched and saw Dimensions Magnificent Wizard and really wanted to make it.  I started with a learn to cross stitch kit and went from there. I did get to make the Wizard several years later, still one of my favorites.

3) How many Teresa Wentzler patterns have you stitched?

Stroke of Midnight will be my second TW, I have previously done Tempest in a Teacup.

4) What made you decide to take on the TW project you are or will be stitching?

Nancy's "Cindy" aka Stroke of Midnight
I love fantasy art, so TW has always called to me. I bought the Fantasy Collection book with a gift card and when looking through it - knew I’d have to do Stroke of Midnight.  My mother adores all things Cinderella, so this will be her Christmas present.

5) For you, what has been the most brutal stitching project you have ever stitched and why?

My most annoying piece is “Music is What Feeling Sound Like” which I designed myself, I wasn't very good at it. The pattern drove me nuts. My deep respect to people who design patterns. 

5) Any advice for those stitching or planning to stitch any of these patterns?

My best advice would be patience, even small TW  ones use a lot of colour and fractional stitches. But they all have a rhythm and once you find that, you are golden. 

And there you have it!  Until tomorrow and happy stitching!


  1. Shhhh we weren't going to mention that. Now that you've got me blushing, I'm going to go have a toast to your honor, which would you prefer, scotch or fireball.

    1. Scotch of course, two fingers NEAT and don't sip it, DRINK IT DOWN BABY!!

    2. I'm beginning to think that the next time we get together will involve things that can't be talked about, but it will be OK as we won't remember it anyway

  2. Another great interview....Tempest is one I really wanna do to someday. Wouldn't that be a great addition to your army of teacups, a whole row of little, cup inhabiting dragons? ^_^

    1. I hadn't thought of that!!! When I empty out the nerdy expando-file a little more I'll shove that pattern in there :D

  3. All these "Things that cannot be talked about" is there any chance of a "Sceal Teach Late Night" Episode :)
    I love these interviews, I just went over to dA and fav'd Music is, its wonderful :)
    Thank you carla and nancy for sharing this with us all.

  4. Another lovely interview as already mentioned - It's nice getting to know "the gang" :D