Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2 Interview with Anne Herdman

This lovely woman responded to a post on Facebook last year telling me a very interesting factoid about how she started stitching and what.  For those of you new to stitching or new to TW patterns, this should really get you motivated.

If I may introduce to you Anne Herdman!

1) Please, introduce yourself and be as windy as you like 

             I'm 35 years old, and I'm a physician in Chattanooga, TN, USA.  All of my favorite hobbies include crafting (xs is my favorite!), and I also love TV and movies.

2) When did you first pick up a needle and what was your very first cross stitch project?

             I first picked up a needle during college (around 19 or 20 y.o.), and believe it or not, the TW Peacock Tapestry was MY VERY FIRST PROJECT!!!  I was so naive that I had no idea of how difficult it would be.  A good friend of mine did x-stitch, and I decided I wanted to also.  So I just went down to my neighborhood Micheal's craft superstore and picked out something that I thought was pretty.  It was the Peacock Tapestry kit.  I got out the instructions and got started.  I called my friend a couple of times for general basic questions (my main confusion involved not understanding that each strand of floss is made up of 6 separate strands!).  Otherwise, when I told my friend what I was working on she just laughed at me and said she had never done anything anywhere near that large or complicated, and "good luck!"  Three years later I had it completed, and to this day I'm more proud of that than any other accomplishment (including graduating med school!)

Anne Herdman Peacock Tapestry
3) How many Teresa Wentzler patterns have you stitched?
                Peacock Tapestry is my one and only.

3) What made you decide to take on the Peacock Tapestry?

                See above - just thought it was beautiful (and I LOVE peacocks)

4) For you, what was the most difficult part of stitching the Peacock Tapestry?

                 The border - it was so boring and monotonous.  Also, the blended stitches were tough (although I didn't realize that that is a rarity in x-stitch until I stitched a million other things and haven't EVER seen anybody else ask for blended threads)

5) Any advice for those stitching or planning to stitch this pattern?

                 Persevere on through - it's tough but the end result is so rewarding.  It's just an absolutely stunning and unique piece that is heirloom quality. I'd also recommend working on small bits of it at a time, and mix in other stitching pieces to keep yourself from going crazy!

6) Feel free to add anything else! (If you have a blog, by all means include that web address here please)

                 Nothing else to add - no blog (but kind of wish I had one!). I love seeing everyone else's WIPs and completions, though!

Tell me that isn't inspiration to do something like this??  And never fear, there are MORE interviews coming!!

Until tomorrow, and football or not today....happy stitching!!!


  1. The bonus of starting with a large TW, everything else will seem easy. It's so beautiful

    1. Can you believe she did this as a first ever cross stitch? Obviously a natural stitcher :D

  2. Yay, what a great interview ^_^ Struggeling with PT myself, I am really, really impressed, and I can totally relate to that advice - you HAVE to have something on the side to keep you from going crazy. And now I know what my little bird will look like eventually, the picture on Teresa's page is much brighter than the real colors...I wonder if I will need three years too in the end...

  3. It looks wonderful - and so inspiring - If she can do this as her first project then it can't be all that bad...

    Yeah I know.. famous last words and all that...

    1. Well I'm pretty sure that you can do it as well, but just remember how she was forced to learn every stitch there is (almost) her very first time. She didn't ease into it, she HAD to learn. :D I think back to my first project and am grateful that I chose something very simple and cheap!

    2. Yeah not having something so big and expensive as a first project is definitely better :)