Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11 Interview....Herself

My girls advised me that there should be an interview with myself.  How does one interview oneself?  I talk to me all day long and find me fascinating once in awhile, but usually kind of dorky and even make snide comments about being dorky or nerdy.  However, how can this possibly help the human race continue evolving if I'm interviewing myself? A fine question, dear me, and I'm so glad I asked. 

So.....here it is:

May I please introduce to you Carla!  Tah Dah! (confetti and balloons are now falling from the sky onto your head at this very moment)

1)      Please introduce yourself (I say to myself)
My name is Carla Eldridge, aka Mattsma from dA.  I live in beautiful Juneau, Alaska and am the mother of three grown children all of which are incredibly beautiful people.  People talk about true love in romance novels, but it is my biased opinion that true love isn't really about two people meeting and falling in love until the end of time.....unless you are talking about that moment you hold your child in your arms and look down into their little face and know you created that.  They are first in all things to me….and then there is cross stitch.  
I work for the State of Alaska as an Employment Security Specialist which is just a really broad term for unemployment claims specialist, claimstaker, claim agent, representative....the dang list goes on.  My favorite two parts of this job are being able to provide a shoulder to cry on and to give people a little money to get by on.  I could go on all day about the evils of money and how I feel about it, but sadly we do need it to get by and some need it more than others.  
Yes, when I get a chance, I do recommend cross stitch as often as I possibly can get away with it and may have converted more people than I’m aware of! That might be a third thing I like about my job….converting people to OUR way of life.
Wait, we seem to have veered off course a bit......
2)      When did I first pick up a needle and what was my very first cross stitch project?
This question makes me laugh because of the memories it conjures up .  I was pregnant with my second son and we had just moved to Upper Michigan to be closer to my second son’s father’s family.  I’m a southern girl who was transplanted to the UP and had no family to speak of and was looking for SOMETHING to do while I grew larger by the minute.  My son’s aunt Jane and her mother cross stitched and had mentioned something she was working on.  One day I waddled down to the Ben Franklin and picked up this purple dinosaur kit with frame (NOT Barney).  It had three colors and I thought it would be a nice little experiment.  No, I didn't read the directions.  Just threaded a needle and went at it.  A few days later I had completed the project.  It was, without a doubt, the worst cross stitch project to ever be stitched on the face of the planet.  Stitches were all over the place, knots in the back created lumps, backstitching was ridiculous.  When presented to Jane and her mother for “inspection” I honestly cannot tell you how they kept from laughing!  It was gently explained to me how things worked and it was then I read the directions to fully understand what they meant.  (Reminds me of the "Fried Chicken Incident" when I was 15 but we shall not speak of that..... and I have to tell you everyone has a learning curve...mine is just a little rounder than others)   As bad as that first attempt was, I was hooked.  My next project came out perfectly and from then on perfection is what I hope and strive for.  
3)      How many TW patterns have I stitched?

One and I didn't even know it!!  I have had the leaflet TW Bookmarks II for years and had no idea it was Teresa Wentzler. When we decided to celebrate TW, and I was gathering up patterns and such to stitch, that’s when I realized I had already stitched one and already had my beautiful ECS pattern!
4)      What made me decide to take on the TW project I are, or will be stitching?
I've had the ECS pattern forever.  It has traveled all over the country and through Canada twice and I figured because it was my FIRST ever TW pattern obtained I should really stitch that one first.  I've never stitched a sampler of any kind and this one is so pretty how could I not?
5)      For me, what has been the most brutal stitching project I have ever stitched and why?
Butterfly Vignette.  It’s a beautiful pattern but it has such strong emotional issues attached to it, which made it so difficult to stitch.  I wanted to throw it away, but I’m too uptight to do that and wanted it done so what a struggle to finish it.  I have it framed and hanging in my living room as a beautiful reminder of how things were and could be again and to be more prepared for the future.  If you are interested in all of the whining and crying I did while stitching it please start with the January 1, 2013 blog and read until you make it to the bitter end of that project (or stop when you are completely saturated by how pathetic I was about the whole thing)....you will probably be just as disgusted by the end but not with the project...with me. I've seen stitchers cry and complain about projects before, but this might take the cake. 
6)      Any advice for those stitching or planning to stitch any of these patterns?
Yes!  GO FOR IT.  That is the best advice I can give you.  Not just with TW, but you see a pattern that you shy away from because of size or complexity, POO on that!  You like it, STITCH IT.  Nothing is more difficult than your own fear of trying it.  Get over yourself and get busy stitching.
7)      Feel free to add anything else.

NEVER say you don’t have time to stitch.  That is a lie and you know it.  If you have time to lay around and watch reality tv you have time to stitch….idle hands people!
And there you have it!  More than likely I will round up more stitchers to interview with a different set of questions....I'm thinking for March.  A monthly question and answer thingy is fun.  
Remember!  This Saturday, February 22, 2014 is IHSW Hangout, so if you want to join in let me know and I'll add you to the invite list.
Happy Stitching!


  1. Yay, Speak of the Fried Chicken incident, I won't tell anyone ;) I have a hard time beliving your stitching was ever anything but perfect.
    And 2nd yay, I'm off work Saturday which means I can watch the Olympics live, and then come hang with you during the afternoon break

    1. YAY!! and no, the Fried Chicken Incident will not be spoken of.....:)

    2. Well whichever weekend, I'm off both Saturdays, poor chicken, he's feeling ignored

    3. GOODY!! The Chicken is dead, hence the Fried Chicken Incident....that is all :D

  2. Yay, another great interview, and a fun read for sure ^_^

    But Joysze's blog has Feb 21st-23rd listed for the next IHSS (I guess because Feb 1st was a Saturday and IHSW is supposed to be friday-sunday?) and I kinda relied on that because again, I won't be home this weekend >.<

    1. I could SWEAR this is the third weekend of the month! I'll check and get back to you all