Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Rota....Especial

Hola! I'm feeling pretty good about today and have been BURNING with a need to blog today.  You know I said I'd have to wait until the end of February to see if I appreciated the 10 hour rotation?  Well, as of last night I LOVE IT.  I can see now just how refreshing it is to move to the next project and start anew (or continue onward as the case is here).

Here are some thoughts I had throughout the day about the rotation now that I have such great feelings about it:

1) In my case, I cannot start anything NEW until I empty a slot in my nerdy expando-file.  Once a slot is opened up (the project is finished and a space is emptied) I can kit up something new and stick it in there.

2) This rotation of projects will certainly slow or POTENTIALLY stop the desire to start EVERYTHING all at once so I don't end up with a pile of unsightly, barely started WIPs that will become UFOs because I hastily wandered onward to the next new thing and forgot about that other thing....yeah, it gets ugly here in Nerd Central Command when too many little things are laying about staring at me with angry pretend eyes.

As you can see, this may actually turn out to be exactly what I needed to keep myself in check and calm the exuberance to start something new every few days just a little.

ECS First 10 hour Rotation
You know I was having issues with the how big this pattern is and decided POO!!  I'm going to do whatever I can in the space provided by the hoop and just keep moving that around.  It's easier than trying to maneuver my big ass Q-snap!

First 10 hours of English Cottage Sampler and I have to say I am in love with it.  I did find ONE other person who has stitched this one, and cannot wait to get her interviewed.  

Up next in the rota is NO DRAMA.  My brother had a "vision" in his mind on how he wanted it to look, so I dug out my pencils and drew something up for him so I too was seeing his vision as he was seeing it.  Ended up making a few patterns before I finally came up with one that worked so perfectly. 

The downer part of this tale is that for such a small pattern there are a gabillion colors involved....don't know what I was thinking there, but I'm hoping that by using every color recommended or getting close (I may lose my mind and cut corners as we go along ha ha) I will create a "shiny" red circle and "shiny" letters. We shall see if we can get that look just by using so many shades.  This project worries me a little because ripping and frogging and screaming and frogging....isn't on my list of things to do, but may happen if the shading isn't just right.

Yes, it IS very bright.  My brother wanted it that way, like a warning sign.  I found a can of that spray dye on sale at Joann's and thought I'd use it. It does dye VERY WELL.  Of course, I sprayed the entire can on both sides of the fabric and then let it lay on the cardboard for about a month and when I was putting my rotational projects together into the nerdy expando-file I finally washed in warm soapy water (as directed on the can).  No color bleed, no powdery residue (I had thought it would, don't know why) and it's this loud yellow now.  Perfect.  That spray can dye does make the fabric super stiff.  It was a fight to get it on the hoop....or should I say, get the hoop onto the fabric?  So far, the only thing the hoop does is define the work space and that's it.  Fabric is so stiff I could hold it straight without the hoop!  This is an exciting project and there is more to the story, but I'll save that story for when this is finished.  Now to start this 10 hour rotation.

Until tomorrow my happy stitchers.....


  1. So glad you are happy with the new system, plus this way I'll get to see more of the celtic goddess. Had a huge inspiration moment on Stretch today, might go away before I get to him as it means stitching 4 Stretches in different colours. STOP ME NOW!!!!
    I have sent you the interview, if you don't get it, let me know I'll send it again, it includes a bonus that you weren't expecting.

    1. I refuse to stop you from stitching 4 Stretches, and you will have to name every one of them.

      Your sucked....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It was lovely...go read your emails dang it!

    2. You are of no help whatsoever. When going though all my fabric, came across that 8 count blanket you sent me, still figuring out what to do with it.

    3. I will be sending you a book that might help with that fabric :D oh, and tee hee for not being any help!

  2. Looking good! I'm gathering things for my TW project so I'll get that to you by tonight. I like the dyed fabric, neat way to change white fabric to a different color. :)

    1. Awesome! I've never used "conventional" dye before, not even RIT so this was my first foray into that arena. Strangely, that little can of spray was very effective. Now I HAVE to try the RIT just to see which I prefer.

  3. I'm glad you found a system that works for you...I'm working on one for myself too :) Your progress so far is looking gorgeous!

    Also, No Drama looks like a fun project, despite the manymany colors involved; I'm curious what it will look like in the end ^^

    1. I hope you blog about your "system" and how it will work for you. This might be the number one reason I love chatting with fellow stitchers, EVERYONE has something wonderful to share and sometimes it's just plain good to try something new.

      If you like No Drama when it's finished I will happily email my pattern to you so you can stuff it in your stash. The dye I used is from a French company so you should be able to get your hands on it or something like it over there in Germany :D That is if you want to stitch it on BLINDING YELLOW FABRIC hahahahaha!

    2. Haha yeah, imagine all the things I might never have learned if it wasn't for you girls :D

      Something stitching related that's actually made in Europa, that's new :D I saw that Charles Craft actually makes a fabric in a similiar color though, it's called 'Grasshopper' or something along these lines ^^

  4. It's a really bright fabric - I hope your eyes can last 10 hours on this.. perhaps put it into the rota as a 1 hour project? Yes that's a load of threads - have you weeded out all the single stitches of a colour and swapped it for another that's close and also used with a few more stitches? That's how I always reduce the number of colours in a work :)