Friday, January 31, 2014

January End TW Stitcher Update

Can you believe that January is ending or has ended for some already?  Yes, I am surprised.  What a month this has been!  2014 has started off fabulously (well, not for my SFS balance which carries over into February) but for my girls it's been pretty darned wonderful.

Nancy's "Cindy"
Let's start off with Nancy who is stitching Stroke of Midnight.  Nancy started last year with this project because it is so large and her goal is to give this to her sweet mother for Christmas this year.  I've met her mother (wishing I could steal said mother) and know that Ma Peterson is worth every stitch and quarter stitch and tweeding done on this piece.  A true labor of love
If you want to follow Nancy's progress, just click on her blog link on the right and add her to your reading list.  

Leonore's Peacock Tapestry

Next up is Leonore, who is currently stitching up Peacock Tapestry.  When Nancy and I put out the word about 2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler, Leonore didn't run away...she ran right at us!!  She had no idea who TW was, but her enthusiasm to join us and stitch up a few patterns was exciting to see.  I'll let her tell you all about it when her interview comes up.

Will you look at that beautiful border?? I just love the border.

Now we have Krystal who has chosen Romeo and Juliet as her project along with "Stretch", "Renaissance Bookmark" and "Knotwork Bookmark".  
Krystal's Choices
She hasn't started yet do to her having to stitch up a birth announcement for her very first niece.  Definitely worth putting TW patterns off for!

Her interview will shed more light on what is going on with her current project and plans for the future with her TW patterns.  Click on over to her blog to OOO and AAHH over what she's stitching right now...those bright colors are very pretty!!

Our latest member of TW Stitchers is our girl Magical.  She wasn't going to join us but then couldn't resist because our little group here are a bunch of enablers and our fervid attitude about all things cross stitch finally gave her a well needed pinch and for funzies she stitched up Futurecast.  I am in love with her color choices!
Magical's Futurecast

Please visit her blog to see the .gif of her progression.  It is fast and fun!  I am hopeful she will find something else to stitch from the TW Freebies.  Most of those are smallish so we shall see what she stitches up next!
ECS so far

And now we have arrived at what I'm doing.  You already know!! But, to complete the circle of sharing I'll show you the progress on English Cottage Sampler. Nothing has changed since I posted this last time since I am currently on another project on my rotation, but never fear, I will be back at it soon enough.  I'm just glad I got to start it in January as planned.

Alright, give a read to each of their blogs and make some comments and words of support and love to help them keep at it!  Tomorrow starts the first in a series of interviews with stitchers who have stitched TW patterns and their thoughts about the subject.  You will enjoy every one of these interviews, guaranteed!!

Until tomorrow my happy stitchers!


  1. We've all be very busy, it's so awesome.

    1. I love it...wonder if we will get more done than we had planned?

    2. I'm hoping so, I know I've gotten farther than I expected at this point. Still working the Stretch idea in my head. But that would make him a big project instead of a little one. But then again, I do like the big ones.

    3. The pattern itself really isn't very big, so doing four in different colors shouldn't take too long to stitch up. :D

    4. Stitch them in a square, put the saying "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup" in the middle and then make it into a pillow. Why don't I do things the easy way. Maybe I'll do future cast first, just so I can finish something this year.

  2. Busy little bees aren't we? ;) Can't wait to read everyone's interview! ^_^

    1. It's so exciting, the interviews are AMAZING!

  3. Lots done by everyone :)

    That peacock tapestry... *drool* I am so glad I don't own a credit card or it would be melted from overuse by now ;)

    1. I have one but I'm being very good and 'can't find it' so I don't use it to buy more TW patterns.

    2. What I did to cut down on the "potential" for spending is have a card that is specifically for crafty things, so if there is no money on it, I'm not allowed to "shop" :D

    3. also a good idea :)

      I am weak though - I headed over to the marketplace ebay type thingy and put in a bid for the peacock whichalso comes with the castle sampler and the English cottage sampler as a 3 in one bid - all 3 for a tenner seemed like a steal to me hehe.

      Oh god you have infected me.. KEEP AWAY FROM ME YOU ENABLERS!!!

      I shall now go to bed and sleep - it's silly o'clock and I ought to be sleeping but that market place is evil and full of temptation - I will get round to answering stuff after some sleep.

  4. It's really exciting to see how far everyone has gotten...maybe reading your awesome updates, even more people will join our crazy little bunch?