Friday, January 24, 2014

English Cottage Sampler Segment 1

It is with seriously great pleasure that I announce the arrival of my 25 ct Driftwood fabric!!!  Gently resting in my mailbox when I arrived home after a rough day at work and LO!!  It was better than chocolate!!!  I did scream like a little girl, but who cares? (well, my neighbors do, but I think they were more confused than annoyed)

English Cottage Sampler Fabric
I am entirely too eager to start this project and must settle myself.  So I made The List (clicky on tab up at the top) which tells what I want to stitch.  I'm very aware there are some patterns missing, but for now (or until I find them) that is the list which will be added to or things deleted as time goes by, things get done etc.

I'm also going to start doing the 10 hour rotational for my current WIPs.  But here's my thing;  if it doesn't fit in the nerdy expando-file for safekeeping then it doesn't go into the rotation and therefore cannot be started until something else gets finished.  We all know what is getting my first 10 hour rotation don't we??!!
Draped all over everything!

Good thing I have my Stitcher's Diary to help me keep track of things.  
Ready to Rock N Roll!

I will be adding Skull to the rota because it is a gift and needs to be done sooner rather than later, but still waiting on that fabric from Colour Cascade Fabrics, but she is worth the wait and I have enough going on right now.  

I'll let you know how the 10 hour rotation goes and report progress through my projects.  Also, I'm going to update on how my TW Stitchers are doing and maybe throw in an interview with a stitcher who has done one of the projects we are working on this weekend so stay tuned for that bit of funzies!

Until next time.....


  1. I'm doing the fabric happy dance for you, the cat is staring at me like I lost my mind, I don't care cause it's the fabric happy dance. The list is awesome, and I good idea that I might use, though I have a shorter list, it would go year 1 - TW - year 2 - Fractal year 3 - Angel, year 4 - Waiting I never seem to plan much ahead on my secondary projects. maybe I should.
    Anyways so happy you finally got your fabric, enjoy life with the Big Ass Project.

  2. I like that list do you add tabby things?!

    And yay fabric!!!! ^_^ I'm just as excited as you are....and it's not even my project fabric. xD

    1. when you go to your blog page and you see the reading list and such, click on the pageview which will take you to another page. On the left hand side it says "pages" click on that and start setting yourself up :D

  3. Doing a list is a neat idea...maybe I should try to compile all this crazy ideas into one biiiig list too. Someday.

    And I'm so very happy for you about the fabric! It looks gorgeous, can't wait to see your first updates ^_^

    1. It really was worth the wait! Still dancing, even if it is a gimpy dance of sorts ha ha!!

  4. It's always good when fabric arrives when you need it - in fact I'm certain it WAITS with arriving till you do - it seems to be a fact of life from what I've seen.

    You ahve quite a list of things you want to make!