Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Challenge Segment 8

Just a little update on where I was Sunday at around lunch time!  

Snowman 8 is finished and I am currently finishing up snowman nine and will start snowman 10 this evening.

Here is my evil plan:  finish this by Friday, the 17th so I can have IHSW all for Stretch which will be my first TW project for 2014!

I will have a WIPocalypse blog entry on January 16th for you all to enjoy and/or run from in horror, whichever it is for you.  As a warning, I have found that I have projects promised and not worked on for uhm, I count those as WIPS since I have what I need, I just haven't done anything with them yet.  My bad, I've been busy (and horribly forgetful).  My nerdy expando-file is getting too full now.

Also coming up is the update on where my TW Stitchers are at with their current projects which I know you will love.  There are two who have really done some serious stitching, and then there are the other two who have not, but that will be remedied soon enough :D

Until next time.....


  1. The amount of adorable in this is insane, and I still love the snowflakes.
    More TW stitching was done today and movie was watched, of course I hit walmart and ended up with 5 more movies. Bad Me, I should not be let loose in $5 movie bins.

    1. Woo hoo! wait a second...BOO on you for being magnetically pulled to the $5 bins!! hahahahaha!

  2. Looking good! ^_^ Can't wait to see how it looks finished. I'm loving all the different personalities of the snowmen.

    1. Just finished snowman #9 so tomorrow I start on #10 and then finish up with the lights and the string and my goal of finishing by IHSW will be a reality!!