Friday, December 27, 2013

4 Days Left of 2013 Leaflet Project

I'm writing this now because I will be very busy during the next four days.

I am almost sad that the 2013 Leaflet Project is coming to an end, but I have been very fortunate that others have taken up a cause similar to this idea and I have wholeheartedly joined in for 2014 to continue onward with my struggles of stitching with what I have!

I have to say that by starting the 2013 Leaflet Project I really wasn't fully aware of what I was in for.  My first urge was to stitch EVERY leaflet I had.  As you know (unless you are new here) that was not the case because some of those leaflets were a hoarders' nightmare and why the heck would I want to stitch some of those since my interests have changed and I only picked up piles of leaflets at yard sales because they were there and not because I really wanted to stitch them!  Taking a breath now....

I have created  2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler.  I really should create a picture or button for this so others can put it on their blogs or what have you.  I will be interviewing other stitchers along the way about their experiences stitching TW's patterns and maybe get a word or two in with TW herself.  Retired or not, she isn't that difficult to speak to.  Other than that we have other stitcher's who have gone the way of the stitch for less like I did in 2013 and I'll share those with you.
We have the Stitch from Stash which says exactly what it means.  You can spend up to $25.00 per month but the main point is to dig around what you have and use that instead of continuing with the hoarding and such like we all do even if you don't want to admit it!  I have a friend who taught me that SABLE was a bad word and she is horribly afflicted with that little issue.  I'm thinking I am the same way, but I am currently in denial.

Moving onward: I'm not going to recap what I have accomplished in 2013 because I have a tab at the top for that and if you are curious you may clicky on said tab any time you wish and OOOOO and AAAHHHH.

I have also decided to join up with WIPocalypse 2014 because I will be doing what I'm doing and just KNOW I will have created or finished my WIP's all throughout the year.  My first WIP is my Snowman Tree, but that will be done pretty quickly, then we have the not quite 1/4 done Celtic Goddess, and two bookmarks that should have been done and so on...I have WIPs that I have shamefacedly hidden from public view, but will be working on them as we move along.

I am also continuing the IHSW Hangout which happens the third Saturday of every month.  To sign up for the IHSW just wander over to Random Ramblings and follow the blog to find the feed that starts the sign up and there you go.  If you wish to join the video chat, just let me know on google+ or here and I will do an invite.  

So get this:  I was working on the Dr Who Shada Scarf on Christmas Day and I had this little bit of the red left over, because as you know I need to order more red but Knit Picks will not have more of that red until after Feb 2nd, so I had this little bit o' red and I went for it in the hopes I would have just enough to do the one section that required it at the spot I needed it to be, so I can get more done before the next section of red appeared. 

HURRAH!  JUBILATION!!! The clouds parted and angels sung as I used the very amount I needed for the part that required that small section of red.  And I am officially out of it now.  Luckily I have a nice large section to knit before I need more red, and that will get me closer to done....yet another WIP for 2014, ha, ha.  I was so hoping I would have it done for Christmas, but not happening.  Then I was hoping I'd have it done before the February birthday date, and I'm confident it will not be done by then either because I have to order, it needs to be delivered and then I need to knit and then send it on to Canada. 

Yes, Canada is right next door, but it still takes quite a bit of time to get something sent there.  Silliness. 

So that is where we are for now.  I will make a button for the 2014: Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler for those interested in sticking it on your blog.  Happy New Year and may everyone be blessed with perfect stitching and plenty of light to see by.

Until 2014.....


  1. Can't wait to officially start TW year, even if I cheated and started early. I have to enter the Stitch From Stash even if I do feel like I'm kind of cheating since I already bought all my TW stuff.
    I want that button.
    Yay for Who and yes shipping times are strange.
    And you did so amazing on your Leaflet project, and I did good on the small things one, we are a success.

    1. WE did a very awesome job of it!! The new year should be VERY exciting as well and should help us calm down on the hoarding we do haha! I'M SO EXCITED!!! My plan is to interview others who have done the TW patterns already and get their take on the project they completed. There is one woman on FB whose first cross stitch ever was the Peacock design which is huge and complicated :D

  2. I'm joining in on 2 of those three new ones you have posted. The SFS and the TW and of course I'm all for the IHSW ^_^ those are just fun. Started up a blog of my own to keep track of everything. We'll see how well I am about posting things.

    1. What is the link to your blog so I can add it to my list? I'M SO EXCITED to hear you have a blog and cannot wait to start reading about your exploits :D This is going to be so very wonderful :D