Monday, November 11, 2013

Spooky Welcome Segment 9

Fifth skein finished.  I have about four rows along the bottom left and then the world WELCOME and it will be done!

Once it is finished I will endeavor to take a picture that shows off the color of the fabric better.  Most of the pictures I have taken so far have shown it looking a bit washed out.

Even more exciting is that there WILL be a nice amount of fabric left over for other projects I have already started thinking about....think I mentioned this before, but BISCORNU sticks in my mind the most.

Next time I post will be with the finished piece ready for proud display next year!

Next weekend is IHSW and I'm wondering if I'll be finished and on to the sewing and continued stitching of what are now UFO's?  We shall see.

Until next time.....


  1. Next weekend? Shoot, I'm working, will try to pop in though.
    Also this is looking amazing.
    And of course you use the fabric for a Biscornu.

    1. Evil minds think alike!!! I'm bummed you are working, but hopefully we can see you for a little while? What is your schedule so I can make sure we are there?

    2. My schedule is always subject to change, but I work until around 2ish both days of the weekend. Though if I grab lunch with a friend, might not be in until 3ish.. I'll have some time in the afternoon anyway.

    3. Okie dokie :D I'm going to sleep in tomorrow if I can so I can stay up later!