Monday, October 28, 2013

Spooky Welcome Segment 3

Temperature changes are NOT my friend apparently.  Weather here in Juneau has been hanging around 43-ish or a little warmer for quite some time and yesterday it dropped into the 30's.  My wrists are suffering, as are my forearms which slowed down my stitching.

I was using the largest hoop I have in my super cool hoop set from Michael's (I would share the link to that page but for the life of me cannot find it again) and found that it was too awkward.  When I changed to a smaller hoop to do the tops of the trees section, it was better.  

Today at work, still painful, but MUCH better than yesterday.  I'm not confident at this point that I will finish Spooky Welcome by Halloween and I'm alright with that.  I have it for next year and will still hang it up to show off until the Christmas things explode all over the house.

A second skein has not been used completely at this point. The top section of the graph has been completed and now I can turn it over and do the bottom half which is twice what the top part is!

I love the whole Gothic look to it and, pain be damned, am eager to continue ever onward!

Once this is finished, I will have quite a bit of this fabric left over and I'm already considering what I could do with it...bookmarks for my book club? Biscornu?  Puzzle Ball?  Some tiny Halloween thingy?  Too many choices! 

My GF Leah informed me yesterday that our local Joann's had been remodeled.  News to me, I had just been in there not three weeks ago and it looked like a bomb had gone off in there (it ALWAYS looks like that mind you) but today at lunch I zoomed over there and was surprised.  It isn't remodeled per se, just rearranged to be more open.  Leah told me her shopping experience there was wonderful and people were nice but I didn't catch that vibe when I asked where they had moved the fat quarters.  

The old hag told me through clenched teeth, "they are over there on the left of the tu-tus." I'm wondering if this hag is related to the even older hag at Wal Mart who likes to inform anyone within ear shot "This isn't my department" as she's cutting my fabric?  Similar dispositions. Who knows.  

Dang, I wandered, sorry.  I did find my fat quarters (Peter Pumpkin's binding is still stupid) and some really pretty dark avocado Sulky thread to sew up my fruit bell pull with, so the trip was worth it.  Those hags can be as grouchy as they like for I shall continue to stalk them within the store to ask questions or directions whether they like it or not...I'm only assuming that is their job, you know, to help people?  Customer Service? 

And now.....pained or not...I WILL continue with Spooky Welcome!!

Until next time.....


  1. Bad weather bad bad. how dare it make you sore Would you like me to punish it for you.
    Time is not always a friend, I too will not get my breast cancer biscornu done in time to donated it to the store for this months fundraising, I'll just have to live with it for a year and give it to them in 2014. However I did finally finish my little elephants, so started on the bookmarks (which will be way to big for books but they still look awesome) today
    My local quilt etc store has much friendlier people, kind of quiet but always willing to answer questions.

  2. I finished the left hand tree just now and skein 2 even though my hands starting singing with my wrists :D Yes,punish naughty weather!! I'm sorry you didn't get your biscornu done in time this year, but this will give you an entire year to make another to go with this one for this year!! Large bookmarks? DO TELL!!!

    I'm jelly of your local quilt store...quiet and friendlier, sighhhhhh, must be nice.

    1. I liked the quilt/craft store in William's lake where my sister is, it had a small room that was just for cross stitch stuff, that's where I got my interesting scrap fabrics. The person working there came up as I walked in the room and to say hi if you have cross stitch questions I'll try to answer but it's not my craft so good luck, I'm alone today and hungry so when you need help just pop in the office I'm going to go eat my lunch, she was awesome.

    2. WOW!! She sounds so sweet! And honest, THAT I appreciate. If you don't know then say so! How refreshing that must me :D

  3. I feel your pain - don't try to do too much in one go and make sure to keep your joints warm :)

    Ah yes the grouchy hags - my local sewing shop has one and she doesn't let you touch anything either - as if you'd steal it.

    At least you got what you needed AND got some more done on the spooky welcome :)

    1. The soak in scalding hot water was the most delicious moment during that painful time!! I'm glad that for now it isn't so worrisome and stitching can be done. Hope your injured arm is not giving you too much grief still?

    2. I bet it was :) and I'm glad you can still stitch :)

      It's getting better bit by bit :)