Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Halloween Segment 5

Heavy Sigh.

As you know my wrists and hands were being very uncool the past few days.  Yesterday was so bad I ended up soaking arms and hands in super hot water and doing some stretching and that dulled things down a bit, but by then I was tired.

Today was a very good day for stitching but now I'm just pooped.  Only did a tiny bit of stitching to get the headstone in there.  

So cute!  And just look at that amazing fabric!!!

My GF Michelle is getting a Janalyn Butterfly Bellpull Kit that I'm sending her tomorrow so she too can learn how to cross stitch.  I think she will be a natural!!  I cannot remember the last time I converted someone to cross stitch or if I ever have so this is very exciting.

Start her off with a kit that has everything and then go from there!  Good thing we have the ability to do video chats nowadays or her being in Arkansas would have prevented her from staring at me to ask "What do I do now?"

I hope to do more stitching tomorrow, and then Friday is November 1st which is All Saints Day and that means Corned Beef, Cabbage and Boondock Saints I and II.  We celebrate properly, AND we have tee shirts!

Until next time.....

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