Sunday, September 15, 2013

Leaflet Project 1 THE FINISH

Yes, I did finish!  Joys of My Garden is complete!

Joys of My Garden Leaflet 478 Book Two 1986

Pink Climber
Pewter Blue
Idle Flight
Joys of My Garden
Smell The Blossoms
Garden Visitor
Edged with Eyelet

Little Things



I am feeling just a tiny bit proud of myself for completing this and having it turn out so beautifully.  

When I introduced  Leaflet Project 1 I had briefly mentioned that these patterns were originally for my mother who really liked pink and really liked these patterns.  Well, as time and fate would have it, she is no longer here to enjoy them, HOWEVER!  My youngest brother's mother saw the stitched pieces on Facebook and proclaimed them as hers.  This really did make my day and put some added fervor into getting it done for her.  If not my mother, then why not my brother's? Works for me!

Once I had completed the Edged with Eyelet, taken pictures of front and back, finished putting the tissue paper over it, created a flat box to ship them all in....things went wrong.  I had put the right recipient name on the flat, and for reasons even I don't understand, I put SOMEONE ELSE'S mailing address under her name.    And yes, I mailed it out the very next day.  It is insured, it has a tracking number, it is being carefully handled by the USPS and traveling towards the wrong destination!  

It is, however, my good fortune that I have known both women (the intended recipient and the actual recipient) for most of my life, so when it is received by one, it will be forwarded to the other without issue.  Thank Goodness!!!    

I'm confident we will all giggle about this fiasco for quite some time.  Cannot wait to hear the first of potentially many comments about being trusted to mail anything anywhere!  It will be entertaining.

Next up is a Botanical Fruit Series from some aged cross stitch magazines that I thought would be so fun for the Sailing The Fruit Contest which does fall into the 2013 Leaflet Project as old patterns never done and is very entertaining so far.  I only have 15 more days to complete it so there is a time crunch here.  After this I should have everything I need for the Stoney Creek Spooky Welcome so I can complete this years Halloween idea.  

After that I don't know.  I would like to get finished with the Nouveau Biscornu, and maybe make a few others, definitely finish Celtic Goddess and get started on Cosmos (another guilt project).   We shall see.

For now, I bask in the glory of having finished such a large leaflet and remind myself to correctly label packages in the future!

Until Next Time..... 


  1. Yay for finishing, and so beautifully as well, and if you're going to screw up in mailing at least you did it with panache. As for the fruit, I give up, there is no way I'm going to get one done in time.
    After all I didn't stitch one single stitch yesterday, spent the whole day shopping and then the awesome amazing wonderful Bad Company concert. Paul Rogers is a stage presence GOD.

    1. I think I would have done exactly as you!!!

  2. As Shakespeare said, All's well that ends well! Thanks, I am thrilled to get these soon. I am sure your mother is proud of your accomplishment wherever she is.

    Can't wait to see you what you are going to do for Halloween!

    1. Thank you! And if you click on the name "Spooky Welcome" it will take you to the page that has the actual leaflet picture on it :D

  3. I have spent the past couple of days just staring at your images every time I bump into this tab - it's just amazing how nice they are and good they look together :D I then subsequently forgot what I was doing on this tab too lol.

    You should feel proud - you have done an amazing job with these! So bask away - you deserve it! :D

    Now all we have to do is await what you are making for the fruit contest and for Halloween.

    1. Thank you! I am basking as we speak!! And yes, I'm working away on the fruit which is looking pretty darn good :D

    2. Good! Keep basking - you have a least a month's worth of basking left :)

      Excellent :D