Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Freshly Painted Walls

I fell asleep last night reading The History of Love by Nicole Krauss and woke up this morning at 2:00 am thinking about cross stitch and knitting.  Makes me wonder if the philosophical ponderings that are going on in the book are causing my mind to reach for the one thing that puts order back into my daily life to give me purpose and validation.  Or I could change my name to Gursky and go outside everyday just to be seen. Either way, this is how I woke up.

For those of us who do crafty things like cross stitch, quilting, knitting, crochet it all makes sense why we do it.  To explain it to a person who doesn't understand the attraction or desire, well, we might as well speak to a freshly painted wall.  However, I have decided to bless you freshly painted walls with my interpretation of my idea of why.

Contribution to society as a whole.  You scoff, but Knitting for Victory was and still is a big deal.  There is a blog called Knit For Victory where the caption states very clearly "This isn't a hobby, it's a post apocalyptic skill". If you are a doomsday prepper and haven't considered the benefits of sewing, knitting or stitching you better get down to the bookstore and start reading up.  I get laughed at by my co-workers for asking for their plastic bags from the grocery store so I can make "plarn".  Luckily for me there is a co-worker of "like mindedness" who says "I'm with you sister!!" after I duly inform the scoffers that when the revolution comes and you are stuck outside with nothing to keep you warm or dry you will turn to crafty people like myself for assistance. I am then blessed with every plastic bag they can get their hands on. My co-workers are wonderfully supportive for which I am grateful.

How many wars in recent history have required knitters and quilters to ban together to provide uniforms, socks, gloves, hats and anything else you can think of to clothe our soldiers? (Hence, the title Knit for Victory which started during WWI) Right now, as we read this, how many quilters, knitters and stitchers are creating something to donate to organizations to provide comfort for those in need?  

The best part of being a crafty person is gift giving.  Personally, I prefer homemade gifts.  It means quite a bit to me because it really is a personal thing to create something with a person in mind and then give it to them. That's just my take on it, other's may see it differently.  Handmade anything is always great, like pottery...LOVE IT!  I appreciate those who can create with clay or ceramics....oh don't look now, but potters create plates, and bowls and cups....very useful!

How many family heirlooms are quilts, or doilies, or some other handmade treasure handed down through generations?  Do you know the story behind that quilt that Grandma had on her bed forever?  You should ask, I'll bet its a great story! Embroidery has been around since 5000 BC, so treat those heirlooms with respect.

You see, historically being crafty is awesome.  Being crafty now is still awesome.  We are creating the next bit of history right now! Wouldn't you like to be part of history in the making? Or would you rather continue being that freshly painted wall?  I'm just sayin'......

I'm now wondering if writing this blog is my way of being Gursky after all?  I don't need to go outside every day to be seen, but I do feel compelled to update my blog periodically in the hopes that someone will read it. That makes me laugh since Gursky also had a book he didn't want anyone reading....yet.  I seriously need to quit comparing my blog to Gursky's writing in a book that is fiction.  It is a good book though...

Until next time.....


  1. I started stitching about 8 years ago, prior to that I painted (on wood and occasionly fabric) I beaded, I did photography, I baked, and a myriad of other hobbies as well. Mainly since I need to be doing something with my hands or I'll go stir crazy (or nap).
    But I took up stitching because of it's portability, I needed a hobby for work and painting just wouldn't work for that.

  2. And because of cross stitch you and I are friends....I think I will keep you <3

  3. So funny seeing a post about "painted walls"when I'm in the middle of painting hehe.

    Handmade wins every time - it shows that someone cared enough about you to spend hours/weeks making something just for you , something nobody else is likely to have :)

    1. What walls are we painting?? You really ARE very busy!

      Yes, it DOES show that someone cares about you I completely agree <3

    2. Oldest's bedroom walls. The walls were last painted when he was due - all whinnie the pooh with a tree and stuff, so he's a wee bit too old for that now that he's about to head off the secondary school (he's 12) I'm far too busy ad it's rather painful but it's much needed as I don't want him to be too embarrassed about the decor of his room that he doesn't dare bring new friends home.

      I only make things for people I care about - I don't want to waste my time making something for someone who I don't know or doesn't appreciate hand made things.

  4. Forgive me for being a bit late with the comments lol, I'm just catching up with the internet after a very extended leave for a crochetathon ( when its got its hooks in to you .... lol)
    I think i fell in love with handmade after one afternoon my mother unwrapped a parcel sent to her from an aunt of hers who lived on the other side of the country, and as she held up the contents of a hand knitted hat scarf and jumper declared "So shes decided to leave him then" my father instantly demanded to know "HOW can you tell that from a jumper!"
    and my mother replied "Look how loose her knitting is now!"
    so much truth in that, anything we make we put something of ourselves in to.
    (Oh and yes my mother was right she did leave him !)
    hope you are well and the leaflet project is coming on amazingly :) so inspiring to see how its growing! and how beautifully you stitch too, Hugs xx