Sunday, August 18, 2013

August IHSW that might have happened?

Well, instead of actually cross stitching I ended up ripping out the wrong color I stitched on Joys of My Garden, felt seriously disgusted and then decided to correct a mistake I had made on a project I created last year.

Now that my sewing machine is feeling friendly and useful, I sewed a straight stitch around the edge so that I could do the whip stitch by hand like one would normally do if one were to cross stitch a biscornu.  Very pleased with the end result and can call this project officially FINISHED.

So August IHSW was whip stitching!

To see how this one started just head over to my other post Fall Is In The Air and scroll down towards the bottom.    This is 8" x 8" or 20.23cm which is pretty darn big for a biscornu.  I will be using it for a fall decoration in my kitchen.

Now that things have slowed down and the weather is starting to get cooler, I will be getting back into the stitching and back to Joys of My Garden, Celtic Goddess, the Nouveau Butterfly Biscornu, Derpy Dice Bag and whatever else I seem to get distracted by.

Until next time.....


  1. It is indeed a massive biscornu!I really do love the colours you used and the leafy fabric on the back is great :)

    Yay for cooler weather more stitching time FTW! :D

    1. Thank you! Now maybe I can get back to my other projects and get them done before 2020 ha ha!

    2. Yeah! Get back to work!! *cracks whip* We want progress!! NOW!!!!


  2. Sooooo pretty! Wonderful work!

  3. Wow -- so much bling and orange! It's beautiful!

  4. Like you I have done very little stitching this summer, and like you, I have no regrets. And I still love your sparkley pumpkins