Friday, June 14, 2013

Summertime Slowdown

In January, while it was cold, snowy, wet, windy and generally bad to be outdoors, it really didn't occur to me that my plans for the 2013 Leaflet Project would slow down so much!  

February was the month of "I cannot stop being sick as a dog".  March was better, followed by a really great April.  May was spectacular, but as far as projects went I didn't accomplish much.  Now June is here and I was lucky to stitch what I did!

Where am I at right now?  Hmmmm....

The Celtic Goddess hasn't been touched for awhile, I'm halfway through Smell the Blossoms, finished Little Things and re-did Pink Climber using one thread as directed and LOVE the look more so than the first time.

I was bored one day and didn't feel like lifting my needle, glued glass things to my thread jar which didn't turn out as I had hoped it would but still looks "interesting".  Ever hit that moment of ennui and the only thing left to do is take a nap?  I hit that one day.

The weather here has been so incredible it is very difficult to stay indoors.  My girlfriend Leah and I did make a video last weekend called Spool Knitting .  She wanted to do this as an instructional video after seeing my blog Project 2 Segment 3 Admitting Defeat .

After that we had taken a lovely walk to the thrift store which is one block from my home (you see, the church had burned down and they built a new one and now it is open and running and that is where the thrift store is).  I had been telling Leah about using linen napkins for my projects and she has since touched the latest projects and mentioned that there may be some at this particular place.

We walk inside and SURE ENOUGH, there were two bundles of linen napkins PERFECT for stitching on.  A bundle of two beige for 50 cents and a bundle of three brown multi-tonal for 75 cents.  

 We had asked a woman who was bringing more items out from the store room if there were more linen napkins back there and she took us back.

The first stack of napkins she pulled out was a bundle of nine or ten PINK linen napkins.  I laughed and immediately thought of a comment that Magical had said to me about finding more to stitch on and here they were.  I passed on the pink :D

As I have learned, this little pocket of heaven has new items coming in all of the time.  It isn't a really big place, but small and cozy...I'll have to take a picture to show you next time.  Hopefully I can get in there on Saturday while they are open.

Now I am thinking about the brown napkins and what I could stitch on those!  I've gone through my leaflets and nothing has leaped out at me yet.  We shall see!

Until next time.....


  1. Out of town, so short comment, but how nice are those pink napkins, cause I'm tempted. Brought my biscornu with me, so might get work done this weekend, but nothing on the sue coleman piece

    1. I can still pick up that bundle of pink napkins that were at the thrift store would like. I can put them in your box of wonder!

    2. I can still pick up that bundle of pink napkins that were at the thrift store would like. I can put them in your box of wonder!

  2. If they are still there I wouldn't mind, do you have to get all of them, cause 4 or 5 would be enough. they might be nice for baby announcement thingees and my relatives keep having babies.

    1. It is a bundle, but if you only want a few I'm quite sure I can send the rest down to Pinky :D

  3. So typical that you found more pink linen napkins after what I'd said - I'm almost surprised that you passed them up lol