Monday, June 24, 2013

Leaflet Project 1 Segment 5 and the end of IHSW

This weekend was AMAZING!  I thought I would open a "Hangout" on my google+ where my lovely stitchers could drop in whenever they pleased and we could all chat while we stitch.  

The best part of doing that is how everyone gets the joy of sneaking up on me!  Here at Nerd Central Command, the camera points at my sewing desk which means I'm facing away.  Apparently there is no notification that someone has entered the video "room", so they can sit there for quite some time and watch me stitching and watching FRINGE.  It's pretty funny.  I really thought I would be uncomfortable with it, but as it turns out it's no different than sitting in the same room doing the same thing with people.

Magical stopped in and we had a wonderful time!  She actually gave me a GREAT idea on how to attach a bookmark to the cover of my Motorola Xoom Keeper so as not to ruin either which were both precious gifts made my two other girlfriends.

So every month when IHSW rolls around I will just open the Hangout and see who stops by!

I know you are drooling to see what I finished.  Last time we met, I had a list, but as we all know lists are just lists and as usual, the list still sits there EXCEPT for one thing:

Smell the Blooms is now complete!

Let's rehash (because you haven't read this a thousand times already har har):

Leisure Arts Leaflet 478 "Joys of My Garden"

Pewter Blue DONE
Pink Climber DONE
Idle Flight DONE
Smell The Blooms DONE
Joys of My Garden set up and ready to start
Garden Visitor
Edged with Eyelet
Little Things DONE

Yes, only three left!  AAAAAND!!! My baby brother's mother has stated very clearly that she would like to be the proud owner of these lovelies.  She thought she would give me money for them!  I told her no, but I can mail them to her when they are finished and she can spend all her money getting them framed.  She absolutely LOVES them.  I'm very happy to know they are going to someone who will love them, that is all the payment required for these.

Now, I must end my IHSW but am really looking forward to the next one the weekend of July 20 and 21.
Hopefully I'll see more of you in my "Hangout" this time, and just know that it is possible to have quite a few people in at the same time!

Until next time.....


  1. Next time I WILL join I hope. And the next IHSW is the weekend before my birthday so I will make time for myself.

  2. It was fun sneaking up on you and I was very sad that I couldn't be there last time but I was having a beer in Hastings while dressed as a pirate wench so I too was having fun :)