Friday, June 21, 2013


I'm very excited for this month's ISHW because I have not stitched more than 50 stitches in the last two weeks and it's really getting on my nerves!

I'm at work all day, and I think "gosh, I'd sure like to go home and stitch right after work."  I really do think about it all day.

I get home and I'm hangry (hungry and angry) so I have to eat something IMMEDIATELY.  One must work hard to keep the spare tire full and bulging at all times!

After that growling beastie is conquered, I am suddenly very, very, very tired.  So I don't know if I should watch a movie or read a book or just pass out for the night.  Sometimes (like yesterday) I will get on my computer and end up in places like Pinterest, or internet searches for fifth wheel RV's or tents....and I lose several hours doing this and then notice the time and just say "to heck with it, I'm off to bed!"

So, that precious time I could have been stitching is..................gone.  It's a bit of a bummer really, but I tell myself not to worry so much about getting the stitching done, but for this 2013 Leaflet Project, I still have so many left to do!  

After freaking out about that, I then tell myself I'm doing well and the whole point of this Project wasn't to do them ALL, just DO.  I have been accomplishing that very thing, so no stress or worry right?  No.  I really want to do ALL.  My main reason is so that I can move on to NEW STUFF.  I already have grand ideas for a spectacular project for next year, so I've been planning ahead while getting further behind....and DANG IT!!  There I go again!!

Personally, I don't consider this kind of stress to be bad stress.  Kind of like "good cholesterol", this is good stress.  I'd much rather stress about this than the goofy stuff we have at work.

If we look back to see what I have done so far, I'm actually a bit impressed.  I haven't done so much stitching in YEARS, so this really is pretty darn AWESOME.  

I've also been one of two judges for Stitching Pirates which is a cross stitch group on deviantArt, so it is pretty safe to say that I have successfully inundated myself with cross stitch.  My lovely group mates are a total inspiration and motivation for me and I hope I do the same for them.

This weekend's hopeful projects to be worked on/finished/started are as follows:

Finish Smell The Blooms
Work on Celtic Goddess
June's Biscornu
Create a pattern with the word THEY on it for my girl Melinda, complete with THE WHITE BUTTON.  This one is a joke that pertains to work and I'm confident I will giggle the entire time I am stitching it.  Melinda will be over tomorrow to assist in the creation of the pattern and maybe I can get her stitching on her own as's not like I don't have enough stash to get her started properly!

For now, I MUST be domestic, but only for about two hours, then we begin our IHSW!!

Until next time.....


  1. Went to visit my sister last weekend (her oldest was graduating) figuring I wouldn't have anytime to stitch, but I still brought stuff with me, and I ended up stitching more than I have in weeks. Wait till you see what I was up to.

    1. I did see the work you did on the butterfly, is there so much more?? I'm so excited!!!

  2. Butterfly is coming along well, as is another biscornu

  3. Love the "Hangry" it describes so perfectly how I feel too when I get home from work.
    I am always so very impressed with how much stitching you achieve especially as I know how difficult combining paid employment with creative work can be !!
    Your leaflet project is coming along fantastically well :)

    1. Thanks Liz!! I just finished something and am posting a new blog about it shortly, so tomorrow I'll be super tired at work haha, nothing like staying up entirely too late :D