Monday, May 13, 2013

Leaflet Project 1 Segment 3 AND Another Troll

I'm sure you have read the story "About A Zipper And Barter" and if not, please do because this blog has a little to do with that story.

I am painfully predictable in what I do after work: drive home, curse while finding a parking space, park, slam car door and curse a bit more, check my mail and then wander into my home. That pretty much sums up the 30 minutes it takes to accomplish a simple task of coming home.

Last Friday was no different, until I checked my mail.  Inside my mailbox was a box sent to me from me.  I check the writing on the box and assume it is from my oldest son.  It would not be a complete surprise to find that he had put my name and address as the return address on a box he was sending to me, he is just that way.  

Curious about the contents, and like any other person on the planet, I give that box a GOOD, SOUND SHAKING.  There is movement within the box, but so far nothing sounds like breaking.  I'm excited and wondering what my son has sent me.

Upon entering my home, however, I am met with my daughter and her two charges.  (Who are very cute little girls who do nothing but cause my daughter anguish which makes me laugh until I cry because this is her pay back for being so VERY ROTTEN to me during her younger years)  After drying my tears of joy, I escape to my messy crafty cave and begin the process of opening the box.

It started out easily enough, just slice the tape on the side and open box.  Inside the box is a manila envelope that is folded over and over and TAPED BY MY MOTHER (she used to enjoy making sure nothing fell out of a box she was sending and would use approximately ALL of a roll of packaging tape on one box and wonder why she was always in need of a new roll).  I had to resort to scissors to cut the tape, and twenty minutes later I unrolled the envelope to reveal a plastic bag with something inside.

I unroll the plastic and open it up and inside was.....
ANOTHER TROLL!!!  This time yellow!


As it turns out, it is not one of the supervisors at my work who asked me to replace a zipper for her son's jacket (oh and to update on that fiasco, I took the jacket to And Sew Bee It and they did a fabulous job AND THEN I figured out a piece inside my sewing machine was backwards which is why it wouldn't work and now that too is fine), as I had thought it was due to her GUILTY EYES.

She claims she was messing with me, but her eyes still have GUILT in them.  I wonder what she did wrong? Hmmmmm, yet another mystery to be solved.  

The mystery continues as to who it is that keeps surprising me with these fun trolls!  I have to say, getting my address and mailing it to me from me from ANCHORAGE (I checked the tracking number ha, ha) was BRILLIANT!  How will The Gifter top THAT??  We shall see.....

In the meantime, I have been working on my Leaflet Project 1 and here is where I am at this time:

Joys of My Garden Leaflet 478 Book Two

 Patterns included in this leaflet are:

Pink Climber: DONE
Pewter Blue: DONE
Idle Flight: IN PROGRESS
Smell the Blossoms
Joys of My Garden
Garden Visitor
Edged With Eyelet
Little Things

I had wanted to make a canning jar lid cover with the Pink Climber and it fit perfectly.  Very happy with that.  My girlfriend Magical has recommended I do the Pink Climber flowers in yellow.  I may just do that since I have quite a few jars full of buttons. 

I'm more curious to see if I will remember to even try later on!  Won't that be more thrilling than the actual follow through!

It's back to "work" on Idle Flight which seems to be about half done right now.  It isn't that 

this is a particularly complicated piece, it isn't.  Everything is just spaced so far apart.  A little here, a little there...and long lines of "stems", but pretty just the same.

Enjoy your week and remember that next weekend is IHSW!!!!

Until next time.....


  1. Your Mom is sending you trolls. That's incredibly talented of her, but it's nice to know there are trolls in heaven.
    (Sorry I'm a bit giddy tonight, astronauts and all that.)
    Also, I gave in, I have ordered that fractal pattern, and a spool of guideline thread too, cause why not. I've never tried it before because I've never seen it for sale here.

  2. what is guideline threat? I am excited to know that you ordered the fractal pattern!

    1. The thread is this stuff the threat I suppose is if you use it wrong.

  3. It's always fun when you see your kids suffer what you did when they were growing u :D (although admittedly I don't see it so much with mine but with other people's kids hehe)

    Another troll! Fun :D and more mystery too :D :D

    The flowers in the jar lid look lovely - as if they were made for it. I am curious to see if you get round to making the yellow version, but you have so many other patterns left to do so you might not have time ;)

    I hope your IHSW goes well and you finish this new embroidery :D