Sunday, May 19, 2013

ISHW for May and Leaflet Project 1 Segment 4

You have to admit, the title is NOT catchy at all is it?  I'm not sure even I would click on a blog with a title as exciting as "ISHW for May and Leaflet Project 1 Segment 4".  If you have, you are braver than I am and MUST have some idea as to the content hidden behind the title!  I shall endeavor to not disappoint.

Last time we met, it was the beginning of the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend which I began earlier than normal because I am on a layoff from work right now and really wanted to get going on my current projects.

Leaflet Project 1 began on April 20th and as of today, three patterns in this leaflet have been completed.

Leisure Arts Joys of My Garden Leaflet 478 Book Two:

The first pattern was Pewter Blue.  It has about a billion French Knots.  For some reason I enjoyed making them and was not as intimidated as I used to be years ago.

The second pattern on the same page as Pewter Blue is Pink Climber.  A small pattern I ended up turning into a lid cover for a canning jar that I use to keep buttons in for my Chickie Bags.

It has been suggested by a friend of mine that I stitch them again in yellows (she and I both share a similar dislike for pink, but I feel her vehemence towards the color outshines 

my own).  

This weekend I did complete Idle Flight.  If you read the previous bloggity blog entry you already know that there was a note stating that the entire pattern be done in one thread.  This note I did not see until I was two thirds of the way done and had been using two threads throughout.  Frankly, now that it is complete, I really do prefer the two thread method, but feel it has something to do with the entire theme: the linen napkins being used as the fabric.  Single thread may or may not have worked, but the texture and boldness of color having used two threads is very appealing to me.
Besides, I will be the one staring at these for the next fifty odd years and I'd better be pleased with the end result!

It really is a pretty piece isn't it?  This leaflet has another pattern similar called Garden Visitor. 

I have two patterns to do before I get to Garden Visitor, so you will have to wait.  Not very long, but wait you will.

In the meantime, here is where we are at:

Pewter Blue: DONE
Pink Climber: DONE
Idle Flight: DONE
Smell the Blooms: In Progress
Joys of My Garden
Garden Visitor
Edged With Eyelet
Little Things

I still ask myself why I didn't stitch these so many years ago, but wonder if I would have appreciated them as much as I do now?  Who knows?

I did not get any work done on Project 2 Celtic Goddess.  My daughter and I have been reading the Game of Thrones books when we have a moment and she finally finished Book One so we could watch Season One.  That interrupted my IHSW, but was worth it.  Time spent with my daughter doing something we both enjoy....I have no words to describe how wonderful it is.  

We will be finishing up Season One today and because I'm on my layoff period from work, I have this crazy idea to make a biscornu for May, work on Project 1 Celtic Goddess and hopefully complete Smell The Blooms during the next two weeks.  

Delusions of Grandeur are intact!

Until next time.....


  1. That's the lovely thing about a hobby, you only have to do what you want when you want to. My weekend of stitching was delayed by work and Doctor Who, but Dad is kicking me off the computer now, so I'm off to watch something while stitching. (Haven't decided what to watch yet)
    Also BISCORNU!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree! The hobby is always there when you need it :D And Shame on Dad for kicking you off the com!! I'm shocked he even knows how to use one <3

    2. :) Dad loves playing solitaire on here, Mom boots around the internet a bit then it frustrates her and she goes back to games as well.

  2. It's stunning :) (says the person who would get a rash from pink if it was at all possible ;) ) and really needs the 2 threads on this pink.

    Enjoying time with family is far more important than stitching and getting something finished during IHSW is as good as it gets :)

    1. I see the pink is finally taking a back seat and you are appreciating the actual piece, tee hee. You will REALLY like the next one, very little pink except for the linen.

      Yes, the idea we read the books (and discuss them) then watch the show has definitely been fun! We are racing to the end of book two AND I was just at the book store the other day and Book Five is out now :D

    2. It's hard work looking past the pink background but I'm working on it ;) I can't wait to see it :D

      I've recently got oldest reading some book from my favourite author Terry Pratchett - The wee free men and the books that follow, which are technically for young adults but my almost 12 year old son got into them after me reading a few pages to the kids one evening. He's on book 2 of 4 now and youngest has bravely started book 1 - even though his English reading is terrible as he only learnt to read and write Dutch so far at school but he's so keen to read it that he's doing it anyway and who I am to say no to a child that WANTS to read a book?

    3. That is awesome!! He's learning and having fun at the same time...hope he doesn't realize it ha ha!!!

      Don't worry, there are only 4 more patterns using the pink linen napkins and i will never again offend your eyes with a pink background :D

    4. He does realise that he's improving his English reading skills - that he'd be better than his soon to be class mates at the bi-lingual school (they will get some lessons in Dutch and some in English) which for him was also a good reason to start reading them :)

      yay heheh. Yeah yeah... I foresee you finding something else that *needs* a pink background...