Friday, May 17, 2013

IHSW for May!

The third weekend of every month is very exciting here at Nerd Central because this is the time that I do nothing but cross stitch.  

For more information, and to join in the fun, please go check out Random Ramblings who started this wonderful idea.

Yesterday I had to FINALLY get my messy space organized a bit better and even took a picture of Nerd Central Command Center for your amusement.

Plenty of light, quite a bit of work space with easy accessibility to make crafting fun.  I also had to create a space to be able to film an instructional video with my girlfriend L next weekend.  

The space isn't complete yet since much of my crafty stuff is still in totes and boxes, but only because I cannot make up my mind on how I wish to organize it all.  Shelves with baskets?  If so, what kind of shelving and what kind of baskets?  Ikea? HGTV has some interesting ideas but they do not really appeal to me.  Am I being too picky?  I'm looking for simple, open and easy to get to.  Hopefully it will come to me in a dream.

For now, my mismatched eclectic mish-mash is VERY workable for me.  If you have ideas for shelving and such, please share!

IHSW is upon us once again and for this weekend I will be working on the Celtic Goddess "Project 2" and continuing work on "Joys of My Garden Leaflet".

An update on where we are right now with both projects:

This is page one of the pattern for Celtic Goddess.  Most of the  work that was completed on this was done last month during IHSW.  I expect I'll finish page one and move on to the next this time around.

I'm thinking I'd like to go straight down the pattern instead of left to right, thoughts?

Almost completed is the third pattern from "Joys of My Garden" called "Idle Flight"

I was looking at the pattern last night, and very clearly written in a box above the color chart are the words "Note: Work entire design using one strand of thread"


I blame the show I've been watching while stitching. "Top of the Lake" is very engrossing and I have had to rip out stitching a few times because I miscounted due to being distracted by the show.

Sunday's update on what has been finished will be exciting for so many of us who participate!  I am looking forward to checking out what others have accomplished :D

Until next time.....


  1. I suddenly have a sudden case of geek/nerd envy now hehehe. I have wooden Ikea shelving on the attic landing and use plastic tubs for everything as it keeps it all dust free and keeps the silverfish out. I have my workspace downstairs in the living room - a rather large corner office desk, two wheely drawer sets (one for office/geek stuff, one for my embroidery/sewing stuff) and my dining room table (just behind me) is the sewing table.

    WOW you have got a lot done on your goddess! You can go any direction you like - do whatever makes you happy.

    Opps it looks great though even if you did use "too many threads"

    I can't wait to see how much you do this weekend! :D

    1. Geek/nerd envy? haha! I love it! It was hard work just to get my mess to this point :D I'm excited to see what YOU get done this weekend!

    2. Very much so hehe. Yes it's a lot of work to organise things - took me an age when I managed to get a sewing room in this house but I lost it when oldest couldn't sleep in the attic room any more (he was terrified of the sound of the wind and rain on the roof) So I gave up my bedroom/sewing room (smallish room with a sizeable boxroom) and moved into the attic.

      There isn't much progress to be seen yet - most of my energy has gone into the awning from hell. I did 2 French seams of 4 yards each (one today and one yesterday) and it's been painful every inch of the way. Now I have to almost empty my living/dining room and then clean it so I can lay out the fabric and measure it to the correct width as it's nasty stretchy stuff so it has to be flat when I measure it. I'm tired already :(

  2. Go whatever way feels most comfortable, my 6 page butterfly pattern is going in page order 2-4-6-5-3-1 but I've been known to be a little strange.