Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back to the Projects at Hand Dr Who Scarf

I must admit that February has been a very trying month.  My work moved it's offices to a new location, my daughter and I moved into a new home, I interviewed for a new position, I tried doing everything myself and ended up very, VERY bad off.  

The upside to all of this is that I had plenty of time to reflect, be sad, allow everything to overwhelm me and then time to get over it so I could bounce back and get to work on the interrupted plan for this year.  My motivation never wavered, just the ability to continue.

During these few weeks of trying to get it all done at the same time, I actually was able to put more time into the Dr. Who Scarf which is VERY exciting. 

When this shot was taken I'd say I was at the 1/3rd way mark and thinking I needed to buckle down and get very serious about this because IT'S TAKING TOO LONG!!

Christmas has come and gone and now Ma Peterson has had a birthday which didn't include her lovely scarf!  Shameful!

She might get it at the height of summer which should help her stay very warm during those hot summer evenings when a scarf of this magnitude really isn't required or wanted!

So, there I was, laying in bed practicing my moaning (as I stated in the last posting) when I thought, "self, just get your knitting and get busy!"  So I did.  Row after row I knitted. Cough after cough I coughed.  Nap after nap I took. Pot after pot of tea I drank.  I was a sick knitting machine!

If we look at the top picture where the ball of yarn is and then look at the new picture of where the fold is you can clearly see the progress that has been made.

As I said before, I thought I was at the 1/3rd mark.  I wasn't even close!!  However, now I am ALMOST to the half way mark.

To the left of this picture you can see two patterns for this scarf.  The reason for this is the bottom one was the original pattern that was found on but the woman who runs that website has been working VERY hard to update information as she gets it and as she goes through things. 

The pattern on the top is the NEW pattern which confused me at first.  Apparently I began knitting the scarf from the wrong end!  No matter, it will come out nicely and just right in the end, but with the pattern I am having to read it backwards which is a little disconcerting.  

Look at that top pattern and you will see I am currently working on the 56 rows of Thyme which will be followed by 16 rows of red (remember I'm backwards).  The newest pattern also counts by rows instead of ribs which also blows my mind but I have continued to do it my way and count ribs (ridges) instead of rows.

The greatest part of the new pattern is how it clearly shows the Hero Scarf remnant and the duplicate scarf so you know which portion you are on.  Also, the directions for joining back to front and so on is very clear. I have decided to just go one direction the entire way through and not attempt to create an EXACT duplicate like my mind really wants me to.  

Now that my home work space is somewhat organized I may be able to get back to my stitching and finish a few small things while pondering the ongoing ponderings of the Celtic Goddess (Project 2).  Yes, I'm still back and forth about the 28 ct or the 11 ct.  Which way to go?  I've heard from all sides and in the end am told to do what I feel is best.  More thought is best is what I'm thinking and will go with that one for now.

Until next time.....


  1. That looks amazing, Mom is going to be thrilled.

    1. AWESOME!!! I just hope all the waiting doesn't damper her excitement hahaha!

    2. Oh I never told her about it, so it will be a complete surprise when it arrives, so much fun.

  2. This is going *so* well - I'm glad you have been able to work on something while ill :)

    I'm also glad to read that you are getting settled into your new homework space :)

    1. Thank you! Today I cannot decide what to work on so I went for a walk and now I'm still undecided!