Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moving and Chest Cold Thingy

It was a sudden opening that I HAD to take.  My landlady showed me a larger apartment in the building I live in and I said "Okay!"

From then on it's been a mess.  We ended up hiring two guys from the Job Center to move the rest of our belongings from the old unit to the new one.  I've been working and coming home and doing some moving and then working and so on, so NATURALLY a hideous chest cold was in store for me (or something equally debilitating).

Well, if it wasn't the chest cold it would have been a relapse into that ickky flu that had me hospitalized.  Of course, the bright side is that I am making sure to build up immunity to anything and everything in the event some super bug comes along.  I will certainly be ready.

The move is now done.  I have a larger work space in my new home and in the weeks to come it will get organized so work may continue with the 2013 Leaflet Project!  I do expect to get back to work on this in the next few days but for now I must drink large quantities of tea and lay around practicing my moaning.

Prior to the move I was asked by a cutie named Sophie if I would make her a Chickie Bag to replace the one that was stolen.  While watching Battleship, I made her a blue one which she absolutely loves.  She wrote me a note informing me that I rock and am awesome.  Little girls are so cute, how can anyone say no to such a sweet face??

Apparently she has been color coordinating her outfits to match her Chickie Bag.  I keep forgetting to ask her father (who is a professional photographer) to take a picture for me.  I'm sure he's done that, but I would sure like to see her modeling the latest and greatest bag.

For now, I must wander back to bed and hope I don't cough up a lung or pancreas.

Never fear!  I will be back to work in a few days.

Until next time..... 


  1. Now that you've moved, get some SLEEP and take some medicine, my favourite for a cold/cough is a shot of Scotch heated with a bit of honey. Calms the cough and helps you sleep, strangely the doctors never mention this remedy.

  2. If I had seen this note, I would have done JUST THAT!! Turns out it has Bronchitis getting ready to morph into a wonderful full fledged pneumonia. Not cool. But I am now getting back into things as you can see and ready to get back to work on life :D

    As for sleep, oh has been WONDERFUL!

    1. Oh goodness! No wonder you have been so quiet! That and the move and stuff will have really drained you - and probably still is.

      I'm slow with responding as this, and many other things I wanted to reply to got lost in the 80 tabs I had open in firefox, which then became a bit overwhelming :(

  3. Nice to have you back, it's been quiet. I've done the pneumonia thing once, not fun at all.