Saturday, January 26, 2013

Project 2 Segment 1

Apparently everyone is excited about Project 2!  Text messages, messages on Facebook, messages here, comments during phone conversations.......I am IMPRESSED!  

I am VERY confident you will all enjoy Project 2.  And yes, there is a story behind it as with all of my projects.

On Deviant Art, I befriended Angela Hathaway (aka RaNuit) who was just starting up her website to sell cross stitch kits that were made from the art she has contracted through various artists and friends.  She needed people to stitch up each graph so that she could figure out what worked and what didn't to adjust each one accordingly.  I was assigned one. 

Her website is called Artists Alley and is located at  She is setting up her store again so be patient when you go there.  The old web site did have her kits up, but she has since changed things quite a bit.

She mailed me the fabric, floss and pattern and I set to work immediately.  

Then there was a coffee "incident". (I still have the envelope with coffee "splash" on it)

Then I had to re-order the fabric.

Then I had to start over.

Then I put it away.

In a dark place.

Very hidden.


This is a seriously huge, guilt ridden project that has lurked among my things for five years now.  But no more!!  It has risen from the depths and has happily re-inserted itself into my life as a welcoming project full of adventure and delight!  I'm very sure Angela would really love the finished piece (FINALLY).  

What is it you ask?  Oh yes, apologies......I was getting to that.....

Celtic Goddess.  A beautiful work of art created by Becca Cox.  She is on dA at and in her gallery is Celtic Goddess.  She also has a website: The Art of Rebecca Cox  Due to copyright laws, I will not be posting her art here because it is not mine to post or share without permission, but it IS in her gallery on dA for full viewing pleasure.  Make sure to fav it when you visit.

The pattern is not "difficult" as there are no quarter or half stitches and for now there is no back stitching at all.  There are 74 colors, which is fantastic and almost unbelievable!  The fabric is Crystal Dash Cashel 28 ct 18 x 26 piece, which Angela ordered from  

That is an AMAZING website to order from and they are VERY honest when describing fabrics.....example: when a fabric claims to be sparkly and you cannot see the sparkly (which doesn't show up on ANY of their pictures) they "assure" you that it is sparkly. The fabric I'm working with here IS very sparkly and I love it.  I can assure you that when they assure you, it is assured that the fabric is sparkly.  I'm not sure if you can see it here, but I assure you there are sparkles and isn't this LOVELY??!!

Floss, fabric and part of the chart.  Last night I ironed the fabric flat again (the fabric is DIVINE and handles very well when ironing) and put it on it's scroll frame which is now attached to my stand.  The fabric, I assure you, is sparkling as we speak.

I'm still debating on using the stand, but when just stitching it's perfect.  When ending a thread it is a little difficult.  Let's just say I haven't mastered the stand yet and leave it at that.

Ah, the moon!!!!  You have to admit that even with this tiny bit done it already looks wonderful.  

I will be "brushing" the stitches a little to get them straightened up, but right now it still looks like a bright, full moon. I also just noticed that this shot shows the sparkle that I have assured you of previously.  Further proof that my assurances are assured via photographic imaging.

I will be putting in ten stitch markers, well tiny pins, to mark every ten stitches to help me this time. Last time I had fun trying to figure out where I was...or wasn't, but I assure you that I had, time and again, counted and re-counted stitch and row until I figured it out. 

There are also the new glasses that I can SEE with so this shouldn't take very long to complete, maybe two or three weeks.  

Side Project B is coming along nicely and this won't take more than a little time to do at all.  The heart is from which has quite a few free patterns.  I found that when I was on THE WORLD OF CROSS STITCHING website and clicked on their tab for free charts and patterns.  Super cute.....there is a Pirate Ship I'd like to do for the Stitching Pirates.........sorry, started wandering off again.

The Bees are from Issue 187 of THE WORLD OF CROSS STITCHING and when I get to the lettering I'll let you know what issue that came from since I cannot remember right this moment.

The fabric is some kind of linen that came in a batch of hand dyed stuff I picked up somewhere.  The batch has various sizes and colors, but the bees, heart and lettering all has that same blueish/pinkish coloring to it.  I'm not a fan of pink, but I'm not keeping this piece so...WHATEVER!

This is for the Hearts O'Plunder Contest, of which I am a judge and cannot officially enter to win, but like to participate just the same.  I'm still debating on making a little pillow out of it or a card.  

At this time I'm leaning towards pillow and gifting to my friend's Cat Door.  Yes, her name is Door.  Lady Door to be exact. If you know where THAT name comes from let me know...I DO KNOW and loved the book. If you cannot figure it out, I'll share next time.

Lady Door was adopted by my friend Michael from the Humane Society.  They truly are well matched.

Lady Door is almost a Snowshoe Cat, but she has the undercoat which denies her the title, ha ha.  I think she would like a soft, cushy, made my me pillow don't you?

I'm confident you all will let me know :-)

Until next time.....


  1. 74 colours sounds more like my sized projects, I'm converting you at the same time you're converting me. Plus all sorts of fun websites for me to play with here.

    1. Awesome! This piece will end up being pretty large and now that I think about it, I haven't done anything big in quite some time so maybe it's time to do it! If you like this, it's Project 3 that will surprise even you on size! Project 3 is (I think) 60,000 stitches....bad math so whatever 200 wide and 300 tall is....60,000 right? I'm also not telling you what it is, ha, ha!

  2. That one store has earth buttons, if you or I can't find any, then I know where to get them from !!!!!!!

    1. Which one store?? I cannot remember!! I keep thinking it's Peer Amid Beads, but I can't be sure. I may have seen them in the quilt store as well...grrrrr.

  3. The Picture This Plus website, they are $350 each plus S&H if they ship to Canada, haven't checked yet because I think they are too big for what I need. Beginning to think I should find some small wood beads and paint them

    1. Oh dear...NO, they actually have smaller's a little difficult to wander around that site and I apologize for not sharing that info. They even sew around the edges to keep the fabric from fraying all over the place :D

    2. Ummm that was supposed to read $3.50 oops. The fabric from there looks gorgeous if I find buttons I'll probably get some as well, I'll take a closer look at them to see if I can find smaller

    3. I'd like pictures if you get anything so I can see, I would like to order up some fabric from them for my Endangered Youngins patterns, there are TON of those.

  4. Goodness what a guilt ridden accident prone project!

    That fabric really is amazingly sparkly! I'm not sure how you can work on your project without getting distracted all the time and go "ooOOoo SHINY!!!" *stroke, stroke*

    Yay for new glasses! Seeing clearly really does help avoid frog stitching.

    Looks like Door may well be a very lucky cat!

    1. Oh yes :D Since I'm almost done with the Valentine for Door, I'll be able to focus completely on the Celtic Goddess. I have some advice to give on the pretty as it is :D