Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Project 1 "A UFO"

I have had this particular unfinished piece sitting around taking up space for two years now.  There is a story behind it that is somewhat sad, but it will explain how the WIP (work in progress) became a UFO (unfinished).

In July of 2010 I lived in a wonderful apartment that was part of a tri-plex here in Juneau in the area of Twin Lakes.  I LOVED my apartment, the property it sat, the view and the location.  It was wonderful.  

Sadly, the woman who owned the property was forced to make a decision and sold her own home and gave us a 30 day notice to quit so she wouldn't lose her rental property and could move into our unit.  I really did not want to leave that lovely place, but in the end we had to.

Right after we received the notice, I lost my job.  July 2010 was not a good time for us at all.

We put everything we owned in storage and spent the next several months homeless.  Here is a valuable lesson for everyone to learn: it doesn't matter how much money you have in your pocket, if you don't have a job NO ONE wants to rent to you.  Never mind buying a house, that really is out of the question.  Even my church had not returned my phone calls.

One man was kind enough to offer my daughter and I the use of his mobile home that was being "remodeled".  Men have seriously different opinions of what "remodeled" is compared to women.  This mobile home was completely gutted.  Bunks of sheet rock, piles of tools, parts, pieces, trash, dirt, sawdust....it really wasn't livable.  However, it was our only option.  For four months my daughter and I lived there and made jokes about being in the "condemned building".

Because our belongings were in storage, there wasn't much for me to do other than read.  I read quite a bit, but still had the itch to work on some cross stitch or knit or crochet.  

That was when I picked up The Gold Collection Petites Butterfly Vignette by Dimensions and designed by Laura Regan.  

The Fabric it came with was 18 ct ivory Aida.  At first I figured it would be fun to work with, but as I began the task of stitching I found I didn't like they way it was coming out and changed to the 14 Ct you see in the picture below.

Even though it was freezing cold, I did manage to get quite a bit done before we moved into our new home.  And yes, after I had my flashy new job it was very easy to rent something and the funny thing was, by this time I didn't have five grand in my pocket, only $100!

Okay, so back to the UFO.  I've periodically moved it from my desk to my sewing table, to my nightstand, to my sewing table, or it sat on top of a stack of mail.......all because it IS a UFO and I was afraid I would lose the thread or the pattern or something vital to one day completing this project.  

Fair warning on this kit:  it DOES NOT tell you thread color such as DMC 744 for example.  No, it tells you fun things like "Lengths in the bundle" (very annoying) and for color it says "Color and Code #" which is great if you have internet and can find the conversion chart for this (which can be found on CyberStitchers.com), but I didn't have that and had to pretend I knew what I was doing by figuring out the yellows and the browns and the blues.  It may seem that I'm not very bright, and you may be correct, but it really bothers me to not have better information provided in a kit.  I'm getting frustrated just remembering!

Now, I do have an amazing new job, a very snug downtown apartment and ALL of my crafty stuff right at hand so finishing this project now should be (I do say SHOULD BE) fairly simple.  

Well, I have to over complicate things because I want to add some bling to this piece.  I've seen other finished pieces and it is a lovely piece, but as per usual, I have to mess with it to give it some extra sparkle.  Luckily I'm saving that for the dreaded backstitching! HA!

And thus begins Project 1 "A UFO" on Day 1 of the 2013 Leaflet Project!

Until next time.....


  1. I am sorry to hear how difficult it has been for you carla,but i always draw great strength from reading how you've overcome some real hard blows, its been similar for myself and its always good to know that other people cope and survive life's trials with such good humor and spirit.
    I'm in "Social housing" and that's no better than private landlord accommodation,technically and on paper its repaired to a high standard, off paper its a damp filled mold factory, but the rent is cheep ( well for now!)
    I swear my hobbies are a life line to sanity.
    Happy new year to you, and stay as wonderfully strong vibrant and amazing as you are, keep making those beautiful creations, and always hope.
    kindest regards and hugs.

    1. I do hope you get out of that social housing and into something more comfortable! When we moved into our current home it really took some getting used to...HEAT being the most wonderful part of it all. Having a kitchen again was pretty awesome as well :D

      And thank you, I will certainly do my best to continue onward in a positive manner, if for not other reason than to show others that perseverance is the key to survival!

  2. AHA *now* I see what you meant earlier about this UFO! NOT a good time by any standards and lol at the "renovation" trailer - *so* typically male to say that.

    UGH I ***Hate*** kits that don't tell you what colour is what properly It's like they are scared you will want to make it again .

    Good luck with this project - I hope it behaves and lets you complete it quickly :D

    1. Well now that I have the dang conversion chart printed out I can dig out the proper colors so I won't be confused anymore!

      I agree, the HORROR of potentially wanting to stitch it again! GASP! When I pass it on to whoever wants it, the conversion chart will accompany the pattern :D I'm pretty sure it will behave and I DO feel better about it after sharing. In a way it's almost nice to be reminded of where I was so that I can remember to not take it all for granted ever again.