Friday, January 11, 2013

Project 1 Segment 7

This really was a long week at work and Fridays are always the hardest.  Yes, it's the last day of the work week for some, but also because at my work we are always half staffed due to an alternating work week for some of my co-workers.

I won't bore you with all of that, but I WILL bore you with how exhausted I am by the time I get home on Fridays.  

What better way to unwind and forget about everything that has been happening at work all week than to sit down to stitch.

Crap, forgot I had to carefully rip out all of that hideous satin and holoshimmer back stitching!!!  So, instead, I wrote a letter, went out to dinner with my daughter, and then put on my domestic goddess outfit.

I spent some time getting things ready for Project 3, (yes there is a project 2) but that is confidential information.  I CAN tell you that I am undecided  If I start then I will spill the beans (or in my case BEADS which really have nothing to do with Project 3 but if there ARE beads around I will spill them even if there is a lid on the jar or those beads are in a zip lock...there is always a way to spill them everywhere).  

What was I saying?  Oh yes, it doesn't matter what I was doing, it all comes down to simple delay tactics.  I didn't want to rip out that back stitching because of fear of ripping out perfectly beautiful stitching!  It's always a hazard and like I said before, doing a small thing in this piece would definitely give us an idea on how it would look.

Yes, it was worth a try.  Honestly, the frustration with how dissatisfied I was....yes, it was almost temper tantrum-ish.  Fine, I know!  I had an image in my mind of how beautiful it would all look and the vision was swept away by the reality that satin floss is actually kind of chunky!  No, I hadn't even considered the girth of that type of floss even after reading an article about the joys of different types of floss for texture and such, I STILL did not consider it.  Shameful really.

Finally it was time to deal with my disaster.  One can only laminate so many patterns before one runs out of patterns to laminate even if one were to accidentally print out more patterns that one has downloaded onto one's computer and laminate those as well (which I did).

It took some skill and very careful picking, but I did remove the hideous outcome of a test gone awry and replaced and improved the back stitching with cotton floss and holoshimmer.  

The picture above shows how nicely it came out.  Just click on the picture to make it big so you can inspect it more closely.  I do not recommend you do that with the other pictures from the Segment 6 blog.  No.  It will damage your eyes beyond repair!

One last thing regarding this back stitch has to do with the pattern.  I hadn't realized the first time but the designer went SERIOUSLY out of their way to make the back stitch lines NOT WORK RIGHT for stitching.  The now fixed back stitching is more accurate to the pattern and I now understand why it is to be that way.  No back stitch means a kind of pixelated pattern that doesn't look right...makes it look blurry.

I'm all done whining and have accepted that satin floss is NO, cotton floss is YES and now the rest should go fairly quickly.  A good night's sleep, early morning walk, run some errands and then back stitching!

Until next time.....


  1. Yay!! glad it all worked out with the cotton floss :) It does look much, much better :) I hope you had a good nights sleep and feel nice and rested after your week :)

    1. Woke up this morning and feel like I haven't slept in days. And then I remembered I haven't had any coffee yet so now I'm fine.

      I am really glad you agree with the end result of the back stitching. You are a really good stitcher and your opinion means quite a bit to me.

    2. Ah yes that pre-coffee time when you feel more dead than alive... I hope I never live to see the end of civilisation because I don't think I'd last long without coffee!

      It really did need the thinner threads to work nicely. Awww *blush* Thanks! <3

    3. I think about the no coffee scenario often because it is a very big concern I have :D

  2. I found your blog! Satin Floss is FRUSTRATING beyond the limits of sanity!

    1. HURRAH!!!! I'm so glad you made it here! And I'm glad you understand my little "episode" with the floss :D