Monday, January 7, 2013

Project 1 Segment 5

As promised I finished the rest of the blue sky shading.  Technically there are 4 shades of blue: DMC 745, 775, 794, and 3325.  Put them together on a half stitch and they blend.  3325 and 794 blend very well.  Another great reason for me to pull those colors out of the floss boxes so there was no more confusion!

Now the pressing question:  How shall I do the back stitching?  It is important to figure this out now and do a tiny test area than to just do half of it and then figure out it's awful and not be able to rip it out and be forced to finish badly.

Another question is regarding beads.  I think I will after I finish the back stitch, any advice?  I'm open to all and since I won't be doing the back stitch until tomorrow, there is quite a bit of time to ponder and submit ideas.

Looking at the full picture, you see what I mean when I said I was almost done?  It was quite a bit of work in that smaller space, but it went quicker than expected. 

Advice from me to you about this kit:  Pull the colors out of your floss stash and use that.  The floss that came with the kit was a little dull, fuzzy and twisted quite a bit.  It is a beautiful piece, but to really get the colors to pop it really is a better idea to use the better floss and not the kit floss.

I'm off to consider options for back stitching and beads and await your comments here and on dA.

Until next time.....


  1. Pfftt.. I have been looking at this from before coffee this morning and thinking about it in-between whiles...

    I think that for it to be uniquely yours it needs to have some bling on it :D silk does shine nicely and would probably look nicer for some of the back stitches but I vote for shimmer for the wings of the butterflies at the very least.

    I think that perhaps beads instead of French knots might be nice too :) (and MUCH easier!)

    1. Excellent, and for the most part I totally agree with you. I do feel that if I were to the silky backstitch I'd do the entire thing that way....HOWEVER, I am going to test both on a small butterfly to see how it works.

      BEADS ARE A GO!!

    2. YAY!! Beads!!

      I can't wait to see what you decide!! :D

    3. :D I'm excited to see as well hahahahahaha!