Saturday, January 5, 2013

Project 1 Segment 3

Last night at 11:58 pm we experienced a 7.7 magnitude earthquake which woke me up.  

For some this is normal, for others you can't imagine.  For me, well I hate to say it but after living in Anchorage and Eagle River for so many years it got to the point that I could sleep through pretty much any shaking.  Anchorage has the shakes all of the time and I'm pretty sure it's not due to the fact that there's a liquor store on practically every corner, and the corners with no liquor store have a bar/pub.  

When I lived in Eagle River, that was a bit different because prior to the shaking there was always a BOOM!  followed by a rumbling sound (like tanks rolling down the road) and then the shaking would happen.  Very exciting.

Here in Juneau, I haven't noticed much of anything as far as earthquakes go.  Whatever has gone on has gone so unnoticed by me I couldn't tell you when the last time was there was any shaking.  We get Tsunami Warnings often enough, but even that doesn't get anyone too excited either.

When this one hit, it was so rough it made ALL of my kitchen wind chimes go nuts, as if a strong wind had gone through the room!  It woke me up.  It didn't really last very long, but it was surprising.

What to do at midnight?  Well, write a letter and CROSS STITCH!!!

Last time we met, I told you all about how I had to rip out the blues because they were done incorrectly.  I begin stitching again and have to rip again and again.  For some reason I was getting confused about the dang colors.  Finally I drank a rootbeer, settled myself and began stitching again.  

I'm stitching away when I realize that the green leaf on the farthest right side was stitched incorrectly two years ago and guess what!!!  More ripping!!  So I broke down and made a pot of tea.  Delicious.  

Leaf restitched I checked it to make sure it was right only to find that I restitched it incorrectly.  Let's rip again.  More stitching.  More checking.  MORE RIPPING.  Stitched it up again and finally got it right.  Now I'm excited and began working on two of the three butterflies remaining to be done.

What hadn't occurred to me was how close to being finished this is.  I'm on the EDGE!  It's quite possible this will be finished in the next few days.  Now I feel like a jerk for letting it sit for two years! ha, ha!

On a super bright note, while out on errands this morning I stopped by Joann's and picked up the last six of the Sulky Holoshimmers.  Turns out there was a 50% off all threads AND I had a coupon AND I had a gift card that was a Christmas present from my friend Michael.  You know I had to shop after all of that ridiculous ripping and stitching and ripping and stitching......Now back to work!

Until next time.....


  1. Yikes I don't think I'd do well with so many earthquakes. I did manage to sleep through the 6.3 earthquake that was here... got to work the next day and everyone was talking about it - I thought it was a joke till I heard the news lol

    Boo for so much ripping!

    Good job on gritting your teeth and getting it over and done with though! Yay! For reaching the edge - keep going girl! You can do it :D

    1. Silly ripping! Really set me back by HOURS. Fortunately I was able to get into the groove and work past it all.

      I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who can sleep through a quake :D

    2. ugh nasty ripping!! I'm so glad you got past it though!

      hehe yeah ;)

    3. Seems like this entire project is nothing but ripping! grrrrr. :D

  2. Earthquake !!! OMG, we had a small one here a couple of years ago, and all I noticed was the sofa shake, as I was totally unaware it was an actual quake, I thought a large truck had gone by outside, it wasn't till morning I discovered it was a quake, I'm glad I didn't know as I would have probably panicked and done something ridiculous like make my son sleep in the bathtub lol.
    I had no idea Alaska had regular shakes!
    I think I admire you even more for all the ripping out you did, I have limited patience with my own mistakes and tend to say to hell with it and start something else when they crop up too frequently, but I guess thats why I have loads of UFO's all with there own little self made imperfections.
    And i say it again, wow you are so quick, I really must learn to stitch more and bitch less lol, I am currently plodding away at a colorful crochet scarf, it will be August before I finish it at this rate lol.

    1. haha! Youa re hilarious :D All the UFO's, a few years ago I had quite a few and my reasons were the same as yours! If it's not working put it in a dark place until it decides to be good again :D

      Yes, the ripping and the ripping and the was entirely too early to be stitching but when you cannot go back to sleep what else should you do? :D