Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pretty Gifts for My Girls

My oldest son has been with the same woman for over 10 years now.  There was a hiccup in their relationship for about a year, but when they got back together they found a way to agree on how their lives should be and have lived very happily since then.

Sadly, the issue that caused that momentary break-up weighed very heavily on me for a very long time.  I am his mother.  No one hurts the hearts of my children and gets easily forgiven.  She never asked for forgiveness from me or apologized to me for her behavior.  After they renewed their relationship I harbored very harsh feelings towards her and sadly she knew it. 

It took awhile to realize that it wasn't ME she had to apologize to, but my son.  He isn't usually outspoken about his feelings and doesn't usually go on about things that bother him so for him to tell her how he felt and what he thought meant he must really appreciate her existence on this planet.  For her to acknowledge his thoughts and feelings and respect them shows that they had both grown in a direction they both wanted to go and I was left without my son.  

Years go by and I begin thinking about her.  She is wonderfully creative, a brilliant artist, excellent eye for color and a loving, caring person who has accepted my son for who and what he is.  I may be biased, he's perfect, but I have to admit that he could probably be a little difficult to adjust to because he is male and has his own way about him that some may find infuriating.  She has not given up on him, has created a safe and loving home for him WITH him, she makes accommodations and adjusts her life to continue her life with him.  

I'm not saying she does all the work, but I know my son and know she has had to do a fair amount.  Her stubborn streak proves to be a positive attribute and has probably been what keeps them from falling apart.

I asked myself how I could possibly hold hard feelings towards someone who has done far more good than that one moment of bad?  Everyone makes mistakes and I'm confident she was very aware of hers.  I too appreciate her very much and hope that one day we can have more of a relationship than we have now.

So I made her this scarf.  It looks pretty, it has her colors, and will keep her warm during the cold snaps of the Anchorage winters. I'm such a dork I probably won't tell her about how it's my hug to her since I'm not there to do it personally, ha, ha!

I really hope she likes it.  I'm pretty sure she will, but now it's my turn to be a little worried about her feelings towards me.

The second scarf is for my new found friend Vanessa.  You can work with people every day and not realize how supportive and wonderfully honest someone is OR how close you become simply because you consider that person a "co-worker".  This town is not so huge that eventually you haven't worked with or met most everyone at some point, but there are those special few who make it to the "inner circle" because of that "click".

Vanessa is always supportive, there if you need her, understanding, patient...the list goes on.  My favorite thing about her is HONEST TO A FAULT AND DOESN'T HOLD BACK.  She's amazing.  She does all kinds of wonderful things while fighting Fibromyalgia on a daily basis.  I have seen her drag herself to work and hurt so bad she cries because she doesn't have any leave time to go home to take care of herself.  She won't be able to move to a warmer climate for two years, but she is making those plans as we speak.

There isn't much I can do to help with that pain, but I CAN make her something pretty to distract her from pain on her easier days!  We will find out tomorrow how much she loves it.

Now back to Project 1 on the 2013 Leaflet Project!!!!

Until next time.....


  1. It's nice to read the story behind the gifts :) I hope they both liked them :D

    1. Well, the flu interrupted my week (how rude) so I haven't taken Ness's scarf in yet and I haven't been to the post to mail off Coral's either! I feel like I'm hoarding finished gifts!

    2. Oh dear I'm sorry to hear you have are ill! You aren't hoarding them - you are collecting them so you can be Santa in July!