Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Projects for the 2013 Leaflet Project

It was suggested that I take a moment to step away from the Butterflies and do something small and pleasing.    I have been told by several people that when doing something difficult or big, always have something small and quick to interrupt.  In MY world, it's finish what you are doing and then go on to the next thing even though it doesn't work out that way and I end up with six unfinished pieces laying about causing me stress!

Laugh all you like (I do) but it's true.  "Build-up" happens,which is pretty much how the Leaflet Project came into being!

It seems that no matter how much time has passed, Project 1 has some strong emotional issues.  It is amusing to find cloth and thread having "issues", but, it is true.....for now.  It will be dealt with no matter what!

So, I picked up a half finished little thing that I had started last year but, like the butterflies, has been sitting around, moved hither and yon and now is finished. 

I believe total time to make was 4 hours, give or take 30 minutes.  The kit came with pattern and key, small piece of fabric, colored floss and printed card.

This was a kit that came with Issue 190 of THE WORLD OF CROSS STITCHING called All Our Yesterdays. When I looked at the picture I thought of my Grandma, and now that it is finished I will send it to her.

I MUST gush on about the little things that come with the magazine.  The first one I picked up had the Home Sweet Home stitch kit and frame, then came Fizzy Moon, then fun Alphabets, John Clayton's Daffodil FUN!!

Now I can say I have finished three and love them for the quick, easy and happy things they are.

Beads were added to the Fizzy Moon card which I gave to a friend for her birthday.  This is from Issue 187 and the Home Sweet Home is from Issue 188.

I still have the Fizzy Moon Christmas Card from Issue 194 that I can do when I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Lesson learned, it's okay to have several projects going ESPECIALLY if one of them is making you crazy to the point of anger.  Cross Stitch is for putting things in order, to relax and CREATE.  Not for being angry, or worry about what was going on at the time you started a project!

I may have been a little stressed about getting "enough" of my leaflets done by the end of the year and we cannot have that either!

One stitch at a time, one project or two at a time and squish the daylights out of  OCD portion of the mind that demands some kind of order of operations to everything, ha, ha.

Makes me wonder how many other stitchers have just a little of that going on in their heads :-)

Until next time.....


  1. These little projects are a wonderful way to feel better about things - nothing lifts the spirits more than a finish :)

    Remember - every single item you *do* manage to finish makes it "enough". Keep it fun dear - it's the only way to keep going :) Making a page with your finishes will help you see how much you have already achieved on the days when you feel like no progress is being made :)

    And now you see why I have multiple WIPs - it's to give my OCD part permission to put something aside that annoys/frustrates me and work on something that's more fun for a bit :)

    1. I see now how that makes perfect sense! Sadly, part of the problem was my coming down with the flu!

      We should all be aware that when I am becoming ill, NOTHING makes me happy hahahaha!

      HOWEVER, I completely agree with having several projects at once. This has also given me ideas on how to complete MORE without burying myself this year.

      I so appreciate YOU! With out you and Nancy and Ori and my girls here in Juneau, I would truly be stitching alone.

      I'm also glad you like the stories that go with the pieces since that was my original point with this blog back in 2009 :-D Or just remind everyone I'm a dork and that won't ever change!

    2. Yes that would do it.

      I think we ALL feel like that dear ;)

      More projects?? Oh goodness what *have I done*

      I appreciate you too - you have no idea how much more confidence I have in my stitching since I first dared enter one of your competitions and the encouragement you have given me since :)

      I love them so don't ever stop!

      Dorks rule!! I only started my blog cos people wanted the stories behind my creations :)