Friday, December 28, 2012

Even More Dr Who...and the upcoming leaflet project!

25 inches of fabulous scarfiness which means I have just a few more inches to go!  Or rather, 119 inches which sounds better than slightly less than 10 feet.  Truth be told, the scarf should come out at 8 feet and then grow like one of the 4th of July snakes when you light up one end...but we will not be setting one end of the scarf on fire.  Definitely not.  But if it does end up at 8 feet when finished before the growing begins this means that in reality there are only 71 inches left to knit.  

This shot shows those PESKY ENDS that happen when we change colors.  The Dr. Who Scarf website I have mentioned before has a tab called TIPS that has a great little series of instructions on how to hide those PESKY ENDS and yes I printed it out and laminated it since we all know how I like to spill my tea or coffee or in the event of some freak flooding (which does happen but usually in the kitchen from the ceiling when the upstairs people are doing something like breaking their pipes or overflowing their bathtub because they have no idea what water displacement means nor do they consider that the water that is flowing freely onto their floor is not actually evaporating but is, in fact, flowing in torrents into my kitchen) and so the lamination of patterns is vital to my sanity.

I would love to say that this picture right here shows just how excellent my knitting is and how well I have managed to hide those PESKY ENDS, alas, this is the good side that I turn to go back to the wrong side.  The slip stitch really does give the scarf a pretty side and not the lumpy plain stuff I would normally do if I hadn't actually taken the time to read things to figure out how to get it right.  I love YouTube and those two Russian Women who really know how to show you HOW.

The red circles are surrounding the "bad" side are where I have changed colors and cleverly hidden those PESKY ENDS.  I'm still trying to figure out how to make the bad side look as good as the good side which are circled in green.  Red = not pretty. Green = very pretty.  Once again Red = not pretty and Green = VERY pretty.

Because it is so long, taking a picture of the current piece of work and show it off nicely isn't going to happen so I have it bunched up here.  Looking at it this way it really does look quite lovely.

So lovely that I have been amusing myself with thoughts of making my own.  That will have to wait until after the 2013 Leaflet Project, unless I can squeeze it in between cross stitch works, or maybe take it to work and do a little knitting during my lunch break which happens every day as it is and I might just do that.  No promises to myself on that score!

So what are YOU doing on Tuesday, January 1, 2013?  If you don't know, I will tell you.  You will be reading the very first posting for the 2013 Leaflet Project!!!  That's right!  Once you read that posting you will certainly feel you have accomplished something.  I have been composing that blog in my mind for a few weeks now and just you watch how my mind goes blank on that very day!

Even though I will be tackling that project, I will continue updating you with the progress of the Dr. Who Shada Scarf for your amusement.

Have a Happy New Year!

Until Next Time.......


  1. On Tuesday January 1st I will be working, and then rushing home so I can read all about the Leaflet Project. I didn't end up finishing my cross stitch baby thingy. Turns out that particular nephew didn't want a gift exchange this year (8 week old babies will do that to you) which meant I didn't need the piece for Christmas and now it will become a baby gift. So I slowed down a bit and relaxed about getting it done. I'm almost finished now.

    1. Thank goodness! I don't like feeling pressured when making things but sometimes it cannot be avoided. I'm really glad you were able to slow down, can't give baby something shoddy :D

      I am VERY excited to know that you will rush home to read my mad rantings! I'm so excited and seriously trying to brace myself :D