Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dr Who And The Mother I Stole

My girlfriend had asked if I could make a Dr Who scarf for her mother.  Well, I have stolen her mother, so she is now my mother, but my girlfriend was kind enough to let me know that MY mother would like a Dr. Who can I say no?

It is now the end of the first real week of November and I'm still working on the blanket and booties!  My intention was to get two guilt ridden cross stitch projects out of the way before the beginning of the new year, but, alas, those will have to wait.  

I have just ordered the yarn for the scarf for my mother (I am willing to share since my mother has been her mother a little longer than she has been my mother since I just stole her back in May) from Knit Picks so by the time that yarn arrives I should be able to get that done pretty quickly since it is a simple garter stitch with a slip stitch edging.

Found a shot of that wonderful (and my personal favorite Dr) man showing off the scarf.

There are SEVERAL websites dedicated to replicating this scarf, but my favorite so far is  The no nonsense tips and advice really appealed to my OCD side.  This picture does not show the "repairs" that show up in later episodes, but I will be including those in the finished piece for funzies.

This is definitely going to be an amazing bit o' fun to make and I KNOW that the mother I stole in May will love it.

Just hope that my girlfriend is still my friend after she finally realizes that the mother I stole loves me more because she will have a Dr. Who scarf of her very own!

Until next time.....


  1. You have no idea how coincidental this is.. I was telling my youngest when we were in town today that I wanted to make myself a Dr Who scarf.. And what is the first thing I see when I look on my computer.. your update with this!

    Having said that.. I'm sure your friend won't mind too much about the mother stealing.. ;-)

  2. Carla you have excellent taste in Doctors and scarves.
    Tom Baker was The Doctor, the others just imitations.
    ( I had no idea there was a site for the scarf pattern !, must go investigate it, thanks for the address.)

  3. haha you two are AWESOME! And the patterns are super easy as well. There is the Shada Dr Who Scarf and the Season 16/17 the duplicate and the season 15. Enjoy!!

  4. She'll love it, also I share well which is good because our Mom and Dad are easily stolen, my longtime best friend, my brother's best friend and my sister's best friend all stole them.