Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby Blanket and Booties Segment 2

When I first decided to make the baby blanket, I already knew I was going to use the Moss Stitch.  What I could not figure out was how to make the sides pretty.  I have since learned how to do the slip stitch but for something like this, well, that just wouldn't do.

After some thought and research, I found that it is okay to put a cloth binding on the finished blanket.  If you google images, you will see some lovely baby blankets knitted or crochet that have some kind of binding on them.  

I decided that for this blanket I would find some lovely Minky. It's soft and as pliant and wonderful as the blanket I'm knitting is.  More bunny softness!

This shot doesn't show just how perfect the fabric is for this piece, but when finished I am confident you will agree that the red was a better choice than the other  

The green didn't POP like the red does.

Just added a new ball of yarn, and I'd have to say I'm about halfway done now.

More to come!

Until next time.....


  1. That red really does POP :D

    Awesome work - keep it up!

  2. I had no thought of a bound edge on knitting before, but I wish I had as I've made many blankets that have taken on a shape of there own!! brilliant idea carla, I shall try it myself next time.
    Love, love, the moss stitch too.

  3. Thank you, thank you, I REALLY love this blanket and since it is so large I'm really glad I'm binding the edge. I had never thought of doing that either, but then why not? :D It will be done so very soon and I'm excited because then it's time to do the booties!