Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eight Color Contest Segment Nine

The past two days I was able to get in very small amounts of stitching since work has drained me completely.  Enthusiasm and desire to work on my project were still high, but the body's need to rest overran the orders my mind was giving.  

You are probably wondering what my job is that takes so much out of me.  I am a claimstaker for unemployment insurance.  I don't usually discuss it, but some have asked so now you know.  It is possible to discuss it in the most vague way without breaching any confidentiality issues, but I still feel as if I am doing so just by saying what my job is.  It is a difficult job to do, but someone has to so that our fellow humans can survive these harsh time.

Knowing this, it is my hope that you now understand just how very important crafts are to me.  After the chaos of a long day, the freedom to create order or do something as simple as cross stitch helps calm and sooth the heart and mind.  The stress melts away and I am once again myself doing what I love to do!  I'm not a normally sad or depressed person even if I do live in Juneau, Alaska, but there are days that are so difficult sometimes all a person can do is cry at the end of the day.  

Wow, that is kind of a downer!  Well, no more MUST see the progression of the project!  I am CONFIDENT I will have the entire face done by the end of the today!

It also occurred to me that there appears to be an almost Irish quality to this piece....well, not technically speaking, I refer to how most things deemed "Irish" are created with fun, happy, whimsical ideas.  

This is definitely one of those that has that vibe.  I mean, seriously....check out the pipe!

Tomorrow's picture should show some serious work done and I just might be ready to begin the backstitching!

Until next time.....

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