Monday, December 19, 2016

This New Adventure I'm on...

Not sure how clear I have been on how very unemployed I am, but today is when I share with you that I am unemployed.  Four years shy of what could be the first in five different ages for acceptable retirement.  That means this isn't retirement.  I feel very retired. Sometimes just tired.  According to my retirement 401A (you know what that A stands for...because it's butts that's what), I shouldn't retire until I'm 65...the year 2035!  2035 is when the sun stops spinning so I think I will not wait that long.

Today I woke up on the couch at 7:30 am because my daughter likes to slam, stomp and bang around while preparing to leave for work.  She has this Ninja smoothie thing that is not quiet either. Then she leaves and doesn't make sure the front door is closed, so when anyone comes in to or leaves the secure building we live in, the door slowly opens a little more every time.  I just stayed on the couch.

Around 8:30 am the bladder insisted I find a way to get to the bathroom.  There is the roll and low crawl.  The butt scooch.  Roly Poly...sad fact on this one is I would get stuck trying to roll down the hallway unless I rolled like a ball and then decided rolling was no longer a viable idea.  In the end I just got up and walked.  I am a bipedal after all so why not?

After that I made some really amazing coffee I then made the really huge mistake of picking up my 2DS.  Played Animal Crossing; New Leaf until noon and then woke up at 4:19 pm.  The question of how to go to the bathroom again popped up but the leg thing worked earlier so let's do that again.

My daughter came stomping in, we conversed, had some food and then I sat back down on the couch wondering where my day went?  What exactly had I accomplished?  Well....I only owe Nook $18,000 for the remodel he did on my house and I did a little fishing.  If any of you play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, my town is Opochka and my dream suite 5A00-0029-54A6.....have a lovely dream!

....about an hour later:

In order to give you the dream suite address I had to grab the 2DS and open the game...and then I went to the island and caught a few beetles (40 because that's all that fit in the box) and then came back to my village of Opochka and make a little over 148,000 bells with my haul, paid off my loan to Nook and did the happy dance.

In reality, Opochka is a lovely town in the Opochetsky District in Pskov Oblast, Russia.  In English that means it is a town on the western most end of Russia.  I just love the way the name sounds...Opochka.  It is just fun to say. Google Earth the town, you will agree, it is charming.  Little bit of a rough history with everyone and their neighbors invading since Opochka's beginning in 1414 and I'm confident at some point a townsperson stood up shaking their fist and said, "Пожалуйста, прекратите вторжение мой живописный городок! Мы просто перестроен из последнего вторжения, и мы не можем позволить себе новый пять галлонов ведро с краской!" English that means "dang it".

You want to know what I actually, really thought I would be doing today?  Cross stitching.  Then I actually thought I would finish one of my commissioned Big Mama Chickie Bags, or the Big Mama Chickie Book Bag, or even crochet some motifs.......or even better!  Finish cropping the motif pictures and uploading them to dA.  Mattsma's Gallery.  That didn't happen either.  I think I'm still showing I've done up to #20 in the motif book....surprise on you!  I've done up to #28, but it's only posted to #20.
This happened, thought I would share
I see you all stitching and doing....I have eyes.  I think when I made the Executive Decision to not be employed anymore this year I mentioned to myself that I am not going to be responsible for the rest of the year.  So far, so good apparently.

Tomorrow I need to walk.  So I will walk.  Now that I'm not employed I'm not an "insider" anymore and can look at all that work stuff from an outside point of view which basically makes it all subject to some fun story telling.  While walking I always see a co-worker who escaped briefly, and I will look for you tomorrow...around 10:00 am which is your break time......

Even though I am not, you all should KEEP ON STITCHIN'!


  1. It sounds like you are doing exactly what you should be doing, rest and relax and taking each day as need be. You will stitch when you are ready to

    1. Thank you, and the funny part is usually I feel bad about not doing any of the projects I have lined up and right now...Zerio Fried Chickens hahaha

  2. Sounds like you're doing what you need to do! Nothing wrong with having some transitional time to decompress and shake the kinks out.

    By the way, the best whiteboard cleaner I've ever used: coffee. I brew a cup, and before I put in the milk and sugar I wet a paper towel with coffee, and it cleans the whiteboard like a dream. Cheaper than buying wipes too. 😊

    1. Dang it! Wish I knew that before we ceremoniously threw it out ha ha! I'll take a pic of the one we use now with a link to the seller. It's really awesome.

  3. Sounds just about right. You really do need a few days like that, enjoy them. You'll get back to things when you're ready. I just looked at it as my rebellion against schedules and deadlines.

  4. I love this feeling of empowerment! I agree with other responders. Seems like something you need and if you're okay why not just go with it. Enjoy it. You make me want to go out of my comfort zone, grow some cajones, and go for it. Whatever it is...just do...something. (^_^)

    1. YES! I'm really glad so many people get it. I've been watching videos on YouTube about women my age and older who just got fed up and said "This is not for me" and took the leap. I went from "maybe someday" to "okay, I'll do it at this time" and finally woke up and said "right now is good, why wait?"

      I believe it comes down to when your mind and heart are ready. You can live in fear of the unknown for so long before that story gets old even for you and then TIME TO MOVE ON! Some things just cannot be planned out and I think this might be one of those things.

  5. Lol sounds like a great day! Okay other than not cross stitching. I hope to do some of this on this coming up weekend while I transition from work to student teaching. We shall see!