Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flowers For You Update

.....and the almost daily blogging would begin, however there will be a brief interruption next weekend due to the campout.  That doesn't stop me from updating everyone on what I have accomplished yesterday and today (or tomorrow and Thursday).

 There are two greens here, DMC 369 and DMC 368 that I'm going back and forth with in a silly effort to do one color at a time (uhm, or two colors at a time).

I'm laid off, I have time and it seems like a fun thing to do.  My biggest worry is miscounting at this point.  It would be really stupid to put in many other colors only to find I'm half a stitch or an entire row off.

Okay, I admit this is a special challenge and probably a goofy one, but I've seen other stitchers do it with confetti, so why can't I test my abilities with a simple 80 x 80 pattern?  

Now back to that ickky lay off stuff.....I was cleaning the mail off of the kitchen table and decided to go all out and risk serious injury (paper cuts are NOT fun) and open my mail.  Turns out, in that stack of mail was the second letter of rejection which was from the last interview I had.  Before you all freak out, please know that even though the interview was a really great one, I personally felt I wasn't a good fit for that office.  I have no doubt that I would have done well there, but it just didn't click.  No hard feelings here at all!

I do have a job interview on Thursday at 3:00 pm which will interrupt the final preparations for the campout, and I know from experience that this particular department does not send out letters or emails letting you know you weren't the shiniest rock in the pile.  I've never seen that before in a government department, but there's a first for everything, ha ha.

Besides, I do have a job lined up for June, it's called "calling the hotline for jury duty status every day for the month of June".  This means that I won't be going anywhere, except to Hoonah on June 22 for Neighbor's Day.  There is a zip line there that needs my big butt on it and it's a one day event with same day round trip on a catamaran.  

Alright, so that's about it for now.  Time to wander off to bed.....

Until next time.....Happy Stitching!


  1. Those greens are so pretty, it's really fun to watch that project grow ^_^ Doing one color at a time sounds like fun, I do something similiar when working on the trees on Lady, but not as strictly...and doing it on non-aida sounds scary.
    Also good luck for your interview tomorrow!

  2. I love the greens, they are very pleasant to work with. Now you see why I'm, a little nervous about doing it this way, I'm on evenweave which is pretty easy but you can miscount by half a stitch and that is not good!

    Thank you for the luck! I'll need it to get through the interview :D

  3. I work one colour a lot, unless the distance gets scary, then I switch, much easier to do with the grid.
    I want to be at your campout, but I'll settle for a weekend in Vancouver instead.