Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler BEGINS

Here we are, ready to embark on a new year of funzies!  Yesterday's flurry of activity was all about getting ready for this very first blog entry in the hopes that I can continue to keep things together better than last year.

2013 Leaflet Project really was a year of learning and I have to say if you think for one moment you don't "have time" to stitch you, my friend, are mistaken.  Granted there are days when you truly cannot.  I will give you that, but for the most part a person can stitch for at least one hour per day.

Tips for getting that special time for stitching are as follows:

1) Whatever book you want to read is probably on audio so go for the audio, stitch and listen.
2) What dishes in the sink?  I haven't been in the kitchen in weeks! 
3) There is a laundry room here?  You'd better draw me a map.
4) Work to stitch.  Work is just a place you must be for a specific time, any other time is stitch time.  
5) Take a walk for at least 30 minutes each day.  I have a treadmill in Nerd Central Command so that is easy for me, but it is important to get some exercise in daily so your legs don't atrophy.

Just a few handy little suggestions and things I worked out during 2013.  It was strange to me how easily a schedule for stitching came.  Until summer and the gorgeous weather we had here which means I couldn't stay indoors at all which of course reduced stitch time to zero.  I believe that in June and July and part of August I might have stitched a grand total of 10 hours?  That's being generous.

So, now, we are beginning our year of Teresa Wentzler!  Several of my friends have spent some time and money getting their TW stuff together to take this journey with me.  They will never know how truly touched I am by their shared enthusiasm and support.  I will be sharing them with you in coming blogs as well as interviewing other stitchers who have completed projects that are being worked on by all of us.  If you wish to join please do!  We have a button and everything!  All you have to do is post a comment so I can add your blog to my reading list and include you in my bloggity updates.  Too easy!

Okay, I just took a deep breath so I could refocus here.  There is quit a bit going on as you know.  We have Stitch from Stash which is a GREAT idea and something I try to practice already but with someone directing that ship, this should make it easier.  I do love to "accumulate"......I know, I know, it's called hoarding; patterns and fabric and such, so hopefully this will assist me to not look anywhere but in my stash for what I need.  Good thing I've already been hoarding HA, HA!

We also have WIPocalypse 2014 for which I do have a list of things. 

Christmas Challenge
Bookmark Kit
Naturally the Christmas Challenge is now a WIP instead of a challenge.  This lovely bookmark kit I started last summer thinking I'd make these quick for fun and that is as far as I stitched...sad really.

Nouveau Biscornu
No Drama
I started a Nouveau Biscornu last year and worked on it for a bit but didn't like how it was coming out so I ripped out all the stitching and thought I'd start over.  I'm thinking it's the fabric that is throwing me off.  There are two projects for my brother J who is one of my biggest supporters.  He can always think of things for me to stitch, and DOES, but I have to gently remind him there is only one of me and about 10 thousand ideas in his head.  Last night I finally finished creating the perfect pattern for one of his ideas.  The garish yellow fabric has been dyed twice.  He wanted it made like a warning sign.  That won't be fun to stitch on but I will do it anyway and then figure out a nice way to have it display for him.  It's funny, but seeing these pictures up like this makes me think I have quite a mess on my hands.

And what am I doing for 2014: The Year of the Magnificent Teresa Wentzler?  Gosh I'm so glad you asked! I really wanted to have my first project be the English Cottage Sampler.  It is the first TW Design I have ever owned and it has been hidden away for far too long.  
English Cottage Sampler Leaflet

I took this picture of it last night.  Cannot keep my hands off of it!  I want to start it now.  But, the pattern calls for 25 ct driftwood linen from Zweigart.  My girlfriend Magical  actually found a place that sells it and after converting the Euros to Dollars, figured out that for a piece of fabric the size I need it to be plus shipping, well that is definitely the place to go. 

If you want to have a look it's called Sewandso.  Granted, by having to order the fabric I need for this piece I will be going over my allotted $25 per month stitching budget from Stitch from Stash but I am allowed to carry over the difference into the next month so I should be alright for two months.  

Stretch and fabric
In the meantime, while I wait to order, wait for the order to get here and all that, I have a few little projects from Teresa's website that are complimentary patterns and I do have her bookmarks pattern leaflet as well to keep me busy.  I've decided to stitch up Stretch the Magic Dragon  first. 

Remember, I have some lovely old linen napkins that I picked up at yard sales and second hand stores throughout the years and thought this delicious chocolate would be a nice background.  I am still thinking about that because I'm not sure what I want to do with Stretch.  TW has a nice little note attached to this pattern suggesting we could add metallics and beads and she states the color suggestions are just that "suggestions".  How completely FABULOUS!!!  You all know how I can't leave well enough alone!  But I do love Stretch the way he is, but I probably will add some metallics along with the back stitching for some sparkle like I did for Night in the Garden  and that came out beautifully.  

Fabric Stash
And now, please take a moment to check out my GF's that are, so far, taking this journey with me:

This list will grow, of that I'm sure.  We have so much to do today so get yourself organized so you can get to stitching!

Good luck on your journey through 2014.....


  1. I am looking forward to going home tomorrow from visiting the families for the holidays so I can get started on figuring out what I'm doing with everything. ^_^ First thing first though is to order those kits then I can gather & print off all my TW patterns and make my shopping list.

    1. I can't wait to see what you put together first! Hurrah!!!

  2. Yay it's really starting!!!!! We've been talking about it for so long and it's finally here, Ok, so I started a month ago, but now it's official.
    For me, if nothing else I will get half an hour of stitching in during Jeopardy. Course that's usually my back up piece but at least it's stitching.

    1. 1/2 hour is awesome and you have been doing that for so long its a wonderful habit :D Started watching Numbers last night while working on the Christmas Challenge and it should get me through quite a bit of stitching if I can stop staring at the show ha ha!

    2. I did a Numb3rs rewatch last year, and Mom rediscovered my disc and has started again, my rewatch at the moment is West Wing, and now that we finally have a place to buy them again I've been getting lots of new movies. However, no one had Spartacus on sale (except Gods of the Arena which I already have) for either Black Friday or Boxing day. Also drop everything and go see FROZEN

    3. Just read the Wikipedia thingy on it and it sounds like fun to me! I'm not sure if it's on Demand or the movie channels yet because I think it just left our theatres. Definitely will follow up on that when I find out where it is :D For now, it's Numbers and YAY for Ma Peterson for watching with me!

  3. I'm so happy we're finally starting ^_^ And I can't wait to see your and everyone else's updates! Stretch is sure going to be adorable, I hope I'll eventually get around to stitch him too - and I'm still really excited to tackle this project together with you guys.

    And I hope your fabric arrives soon so you can start working on your English Cottage Sampler. You still ordered the fabric in December, right? Sooo...technically it doesn't count for the new SFS yet, since Mel herself was talking about buying some more stuff in time before the challenge actually started ^_^

    1. I haven't ordered the fabric yet which is sad, I won't be able to until my next payday so the middle of the month and I'll have it ordered. then it has to be shipped from the UK to Alaska! That takes about two weeks sometimes. That's why it will count for January into February :(

      If I can find her, there is a young woman I met on Facebook who did your Peacock Tapestry as her very FIRST ever cross stitch project and I'd love to find her again so I can interview her for helpful hints for you! I would love to stitch that one as well but we have to wait and see how long it takes to do the first large one :D Cannot wait to see your progress and once you get going I'll interview you as well for problems or difficulty or what have you that you come across while stitching this. :D

    2. Oh, I see. Yeah, shipping can even take more than two weeks from the UK to Germany, and that's much nearer.

      Wow, doing PT as a frist project sure sounds tough - it's not an easy project to make, I can already say that far, and I have the feeling I will take veeery long, I'll be lucky if I can even finish PT and the Enchanter this year ^^

    3. Diligence my love!!! I bet you can finish one or both is you really set your mind to it :D Still, it's going to be wonderful watching each project move along.