Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Challenge Segment 2

....and then there was work and a winter storm and stitching fell to the way side....

However, I was able to get two audio books from Listen Alaska that I have had on hold so the stitching will now commence again in earnest.

We had this ridiculous snow storm thing happen last week that made driving VERY difficult for me.  One of the joys (sarcasm here people) of driving to and from work each day is that the driving is done in darkness (this is Alaska after all).  I might as well drive with my eyes closed or, at the very least, drive after consuming copious amounts of frosty beverages because the terror of my night blindness is almost as dangerous for other drivers.  

Now let us add road conditions, big flakes of snow, and passing trucks splashing road muck onto my windshield and you have some seriously ugly driving conditions.  Little Blue Car did it's best to press on and once I reached my destination (work and home) I had to sit for a moment and yell out a huge THANK YOU for having gone safely one way or the other.  

Of course this added adventure gave me the tremors and shakes so badly that by the time I was able to calm down enough to stitch I was worn out.  The added time it takes to get home during that inclement weather seriously interrupted stitch time as well.  One would think that the 9 miles to and from work wouldn't be so dang hard, but one would be mistaken.  I'm confident there are others out there who actually do a full blown commute in the same conditions daily and I applaud your resilience!  Please be safe and know that I do think of the others on the road and hope they are safe as well.

This week also found my daughter and I dragging out our Christmas decor.  This hasn't been done to it's fullest in many years and we were so excited to be able to share our ideas and make it happen all in one evening!

I think it was 2008 or 2009 we purchased a black Christmas tree. We refer to it as the Emo Tree, but it really is a lovely thing and we are very partial to it. A close family friend had given us a little snowman display that I finally replaced the batteries in and did you know it plays music and has these lights that change on the base?? We have had this thing for six or seven years and did not know that!  Very festive.

One of my supervisors at work asked me to make hats for her skeleton crew and the idea of sewing up some snowman hats really made me I did it.

They make me giggle every time I walk by or to her desk.  She thought of this so she wouldn't have to take down her so-called "Halloween" decor and it is something that defines who and what she is.



House decorated, plans for Christmas dinner well under way, snow storm abated, road conditions better, OT is over and now time to clean up Nerd Central Command and get back to stitching.  I really would like to finish the Christmas Challenge before Christmas, maybe this deadline will happen and maybe it won't.  It will be fun regardless!!

Until next time.....


  1. I have never seen a black Christmas tree before, it's cool. Your drive is about the same length as mine, but due to my schedule, I at least always come home in daylight. Of course naps become more common the earlier I leave.

    1. How is your night vision? I am envious of anyone who can see anything other than shiny headlights and pitch the road, or maybe the car in front of you or even the stripes on the road :D

    2. Oh yeah, I wasn't too sure about the black tree at first but after we decorated it the first time it was total love :D