Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dr. Who Scarf Delay

Since finishing the wonderful Spooky Welcome, it was my intent to work diligently on the Dr. Who Shada Scarf until completed.  I started this last year and the recipient of said scarf has experienced a Christmas, birthday and Mother's Day since.  It was my hope to finish soon, but I ran out of red!!!  Knitting away and come to the part that says I need more and I only have a very little....GGGAAAAAHHHHH!!  

"All is not lost," I remind myself in a relaxed tone of voice.

"One just simply orders more red from Knit Picks and continues ever onward." 

My angry side just shrugs and says, "There goes THAT plan!"  So out of a need to do something with yarn, I grabbed the tote with the Chickie Bag yarn and started using up all the left over yarn from previous Chickie Bags and created the Odds N Ends Chickie Bag.

I'm very pleased with how it turned out.  It blended together very well.

I've been thinking I should have a few on hand in case someone asked for one or three for the holidays.  I didn't make the October Breast Cancer Awareness bags this year which was a bit of a bummer, but maybe Christmas will be better.

You see, last year the Chickie Bags were a wild success for raising money and I had asked the woman in charge of that fund raiser if she would like them again this year.  She was ten kinds of excited about it.

When I called her in July to see how many she would like this year she stated she was "busy" and I know from experience that she was busy.  I waited a week and called her again to which she asked if I could call her on her cell phone the following day.  

The following day I called her on her cell phone only to be told that she was on her way to dinner and could not talk at that moment.  At this point I am frustrated and wondering why someone so excited about the bags would blow me off three times like that?  Who knows, but I did not call her again.  I felt that if she truly wanted the bags again she would call me.  She did not.  

Luckily for me I had plenty to do and was happy to do what I was doing!  Remember there is only one of me and more than enough patterns to stitch, and projects to knit or crochet or quilt!

The Botanical Fruit Series Bell Pull did find a new home in my kitchen and I even went so far as to rearrange my wind chimes for more balance.
You can see that big, bare spot above the table which was where I thought the bell pull should be, but now it is hanging next to the cupboards.  I have a few more waterfall pictures I had taken that will get printed and hung there to complete the collage.

I figure that by the time I get done making this kitchen neato, I will be moving into a new place which will then need a whole new "look".  Homes are funny that way, especially kitchens.

For now, I'm going to pick up where I left offf with the Derpy Dice Bag and see about finishing that one up.  I'm feeling ready for some cross stitching again and  more audio books....Maybe some Tom Dekker this time around.

Until next time.....


  1. It's just a little wibbley-wobbley timey-whimey issue

  2. Your kitchen is sooooo neat,( turns to look at the pit of doom that is loosely functioning as my kitchen and thinks to self - must never take pic of own kitchen)
    People can be odd about requests, that sort of thing has happened to me in the past, it was over a couple of baby quilts, both were endlessly requested, both took masses of time, neither in the end were collected
    ( both of them were for "friends" who were moving abroad after having babys to the USA,)
    It all got a bit embarrassing and i'm still none the wiser as to why it all happened?
    ( I donated the quilts in the end to a local charity shop)
    Hows Derby dice bag coming along :) it sounds fun :)

    1. Me thinks Ennui settled in and I ended up reading three books instead! No red for the scarf, wanted to re-do the pattern for the Derpy Dice Bag and failed, leaped out of bed this morning when I realized my mistake was including the fabric color on the new pattern which then made the pattern not quite a pattern, so now I will try again with what I have :D Derpy is one of the "new" My Little Ponies that is ridiculous and my daughter feels is "adorable"....she will be 21 soon which makes it even derpier :D

    2. And thank you about my kitchen, I had actually just done ten millions dishes and would NOT have taken a shot prior to that hahahaha!

  3. This Dr who scarf seems to be trying to stay with you by the looks of things ;)

    The chickie bags are great and this one looks lovely :)

    A great new home for your botanical series :D