Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spooky Welcome Segment 4

HA!! Skein 2 is gone!  I'm starting to wonder if I will actually need 11 skeins like the pattern says, or if they were "planning ahead in the event of" type thing.  Who knows.

Yes, my wrists still hurt, the right one especially which has now moved into the joints in my fingers.  Now that I'm home and it's warm and dry that incessant throbbing ache is lessened.  

My work place can sometimes be temperature-ally challenged (I'm sure that is NOT a word, but you know what I mean).  It is either chilly, cold and drafty, or downright freezing (sometimes downright freezing AND drafty).  Just depends on what time of day it is and whether or not people are holding doors open to the inclement weather outside.  I keep forgetting to pick up one of those little heater fans since I already know what's coming when winter finally does hit for real.

Anywho, here we are, one day before Halloween and it is official that this year's Halloween project will not be done in time, but it is EXCITING just the same!  I keep thinking about how much money I'd like to spend at Picture This Plus over the winter and will have to see about putting aside a little bit every paycheck for that big splurge.  I do believe that settles it!  A ten here, twenty there and I will have a nice fat order in three months time!

Before I forget....one of the BEST things about this piece is the almost lack of backstitching! The witch, cat, Eek!, there will be a couple small bats and some barbed wire and a Boo.....that is it!  Hurrah!

I'm done with Dean Koontz for now, and will have to find another wonderfully creepy audio book to stitch along to...or maybe get another Hamish Macbeth Mystery....decisions, decisions....

Until next time.....


  1. Such a shame you work in a chilly draughty place - it's really not good for you :(

    That tree is awesome! it may not be done on time but you will be able to work on it on Halloween - and on the next day which is Samhain and also very witch related :)

    1. Yes ma'am!! I don't mind not being done "on time", just enjoying the project :D And I know the chilly draughty place isn't good but that is my work place. I know they are working on the temp and such, but then end of the office I work in is by an outside door that the IT guys go in and out of throughout the day so I get blasted every time :( I have found some of those fingerless gloves that heat up on line and am seriously thinking about getting a pair or two for work :D

    2. That sounds like a plan to me - that or set up a tripwire by the door so the IT guys get fed up and use/make another door ;)

  2. It's looking wonderful and will be ready in plenty of time for next Halloween, that's what I'm telling myself about the biscornu, I apparently don't work well with a deadline. But really, it's a hobby so deadlines shouldn't matter.

  3. Sounds like those heated gloves are vital carla, I remember working in the supermarket in sub zero temps and no shop floor heating it was so tough and mt knees have never recovered so I think you must get those gloves if they are going to help.
    Have you tried rice packs? I made mine myself, its just dried rice in a cotton bag that i put in the micro wave and power on full for a couple of mins, they heat up as good as a hot water bottle and hold the heat for awhile but are nothing like as bulky or sloshy as a hot water bottle, maybe you could make up some "Rice pack cuffs" ?
    This might not be done for this Halloween but hey its actually being created on Halloween, that gives it extra spookability in my book.
    I love seeing it grow.