Friday, October 18, 2013

October ISHW

How lame am I?  No updates since last month's ISHW is inexcusable and downright lazy.  Seriously, I have NO reason for not being on here updating!  You may feel free to berate me, however, once you see what has been done and what is going to be done.

The Regal Plum
Let's begin with the fruit!  So lovely, and actually has been a fun little project. As you know, I left off with having finished the Regal Plum and discussing the wonderful merits of boiling fabric with really old coffee found in the back of a cupboard.

I'm still very much in love with the fabric and how it turned out, so when I repeated the process for that last piece of fabric for the apple I felt confident I could get the results similar to the first.  That was almost true, or true enough that I'm not ridiculously upset by the difference in the look.

The Glorious Pear!  What a pretty thing this turned out to be!

The Glorious Pear

I apologize for not getting the hoop marks ironed out, but I was so excited with how quickly I got this done and how pretty it was there was NO TIME to waste, pictures had to be taken.

I think you will now agree with me that this is a wonderful series and if you are every bored or have an idea for your kitchen or enclosed back porch or for your winery, you might consider these as a decorative option.

So now I'm working The Magnificent Apple.  This pattern is the one that caught my eye to begin with and is what started me thinking I should make this series for the Sailing The Fruit Contest  .  I have decided to make a quilted bell pull out of them and hang it in my kitchen...I seem to have blank walls in there that need filling!
The Magnificent Apple WIP
So this is where I'm at with the apple at this time.  I should be finished with the apple today.  I am SO VERY CLOSE to being finished, so TODAY is when it will be finished!!

I won't be sewing it all together into the bell pull until next week because THIS IHSW WEEKEND is where I get started on and hopefully get a majority of the work done on the Spooky Welcome!!
Spooky Welcome ready to stitch!

I'm so excited to have everything I need to get it done and it's really time for me to begin!  Me being me I have to finish what I'm doing before I is a problem I know, but it must be done so I can feel REALLY great about things, ha, ha.

I hope to update you all Sunday night!

Until next time.....

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  1. I See I'm not the only one who didn't berate you ;) You did some great work up this this point which will have kept you busy :)