Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ending October IHSW

What an eventful three day weekend!!!

I have to rip out an entire leaf and flower due to a half stitch off situation and THEN I had to fend off the hordes of people who don't seem to understand just what IHSW is.  Silly friends and family, ha, ha!!

We had a WONDERFUL IHSW Hangout on Saturday!  It was so exciting to have so many people in at one time, thanks to all my stitchers for attending and stitching!

I have managed to complete The Magnificent Apple so I can say I FINISHED this project and can now begin Spooky Welcome.  I really thought the apple would be my favorite but I'm still very partial to the pear.

The Magnificent Apple aka Malus pumila
I know this is short, but this is what I have.....for now.  I'll be taking shots of the Spooky Welcome for a progression video (and I know another stitcher doing the same for a beautiful piece she is working on which I will be sharing once she's done with it) and trying to get this one done before the 31st....cutting it short me thinks.

Until next time.....


  1. Very pretty apple and blossoms.

  2. Looks great!!! ^_^ Congrats on finishing it and I can't wait to see Spooky Welcome.

    1. I might be far more excited to see your pineapple hahahaha!! I cannot wait to see your progression video...oh and the program is called "Movie Maker" and usually is one of those goofy standard programs already on your com if you have HP or whatever :D

  3. As you know I love your apple - it's wonderful. It was fun dropping by the hang out - even though I couldn't actually stitch myself. At least my arm now works well enough so I can catch up on posting :)