Monday, April 15, 2013

Project 2 Segment 5

We aren't going to discuss the zipper....ever again.  Needless to say it isn't finished like I had planned.  The war with my sewing machine continues and my thought here is to just buy a new one and let the old, stubborn one watch from a corner as I ENJOY using the new one.  That will teach the stubborn thing!  Who knew one could get so much attitude from a Singer??!!

On a much BRIGHTER note, work on Project 2 has really come along.  It took some time as you all know, but I found my groove and really kicked out some stitches yesterday.

The best part is that I CAN work with this fabric.  I CAN do things the way my OCD mind wants it done (do one color at a time).

So from the top of the moon to the bottom part of this section of tree is page one of the pattern.

Technically there are four full pages which isn't bad.  Then there are the other four pages that have four lines each and a corner piece.  

Just noticed you can see the sparkle in the fabric here as well.
Mini side project was Always Time for Tea which was a kit that came with an issue of World of Cross Stitching (how I love thee).

This cute little thing took me about two hours and is now in my kitchen next to the kettle.  I have shared this pattern with a few others and one of my girlfriends changed some colors since she is far more opposed to pink than I am!  Her's turned out VERY nicely.  

You can view hers at Magical's Quilt and More

For me, I absolutely love to see that others have done the same pattern.  Some of you probably ask why and I'll tell you:  Regardless of whether or not you have followed the pattern perfectly, no two pieces are the same in the end.  Each person sees the pattern differently, stitches differently, changes something whether they meant to or not, or adds something.  

I like other kinds of fabric and will usually start the changes there.  This creates a "different" finished piece.  Project 1 is a perfect example.  Different fabric, added some metallic and holloshimmer threads and VIOLA! A larger piece that catches the eye because no one can turn away from something that glitters.  

There is also what you do with the final piece in the end.  Make a pillow, frame it, attach it to all makes that piece uniquely yours.

No one else's will look exactly like mine.  More than likely no one else will have gone through the emotional turmoil I went through while stitching this one either!  

This now hangs in my livingroom, sparkling away.  Because I have so many other butterfly patterns I have decided that this corner will be all about butterflies and now I don't have to worry so much about what to do with the end result of those projects!

The other little side project I did was make another biscornu.  I can't stop myself!!!  It's an addiction that I have happily shared with others.  My girlfriend Nancy likes them so much she created Biscornu Anonymous Club

I haven't vowed or resolved to do this yet, but I've been playing around with a "biscornu per month" idea.  One of our fellow stitchers also suggested a biscornu calender with picture and graph for each month.  I like the idea so we shall see how this all pans out.

I am completely happy with my groove on Project 2 and also have a little side project for my daughter to make her a Derpy Dice Bag.  Derpy being on of the new My Little Ponies characters which seems to describe my daughter most of the time.  Now I seriously want to get back to my stitching!

Until next time.....


  1. Right - it sounds like your sewing machine needs some TLC! Remember - talking to your machine while you work is a good idea - be nice and don't curse :)

    First off unthread it - take the spool holder out and then the bits that hold it in place. Grab a soft clean unused brush of some sort (I use a specially bought blusher brush) and remove every single bit of dust/link you can find.

    Unscrew that plate that the sewing machine foot goes on. Clean around that too. Put a single drop of oil behind the thingy that turns where the spool holder is.

    If you can also open the bit at the top where the light is and the machine moves and de lint that too look to see where bits move and add a drop of oil.

    Put it all back together and thread the machine. Grab a bit of old fabric and sew a bit up and down the fabric, this will make sure than any excess oil will get on *this* bit of fabric and not something important.

    Most of the time this will be enough to make your machine feel loved enough to want to sew nicely for you :)

    I am *so* glad you are happy with your fabric now! It makes life so much easier when you are :)

    Aww thanks <3

    I agree it is fun seeing how different people make the same pattern and how their decisions and how they stitch effect the end result.

    Your biscornu is wonderful.. as always :D

    1. Oh I've done all that and then some, but it still refuses to sew correctly. I even turned it off an on! haha!

    2. Aww shame that didn't help :( It's not often TLC doesn't help. I think it might need a dr :(

    3. I like Nancy's more violent options, but for now it is sitting in timeout :D

    4. I can understand that - it's why I don't own a sledgehammer ;)

  2. And if all that TLC doesn't help, I suggest a sledgehammer and a fire pit.
    I love that the sparkle is visible in the photo, so seldom does it show up and then you have to reassure people that really, it does sparkle.
    Already thinking of what colours to use for the teacups, thinking about more jewel tones, I like bright.

    1. I actually put it back in the box so I wouldn't be abusive towards it...I'm sure I have missed something or forgotten to put something back properly and once I am done being angry with it I will go back and have another discussion.

      Still waiting on those teacups :D