Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project 2 Segment 4

Last time I told you about having to wait until the end of March for the fabric from picture this plus, but that was not to be!!  Imagine my surprise to find the ordered fabric in my mail box YESTERDAY.

I chose two different colors to see if either one would work for the background color which is more of a stormy ocean blue type color (at least to my eye).

The green on the left is "Crystal Conifer" which I think is very pretty, but will not do for this project.  However, the "Crystal Haunted" on the right is almost perfect.  If it were a little darker it might be right about perfect.

I have decided to use the Haunted for the project.  As you can see it is sparkly, which is always fun and will add that little bit of glow to the actual piece when completed.  I cannot tell you just how excited I am that this fabric is here NOW!!
A nice little close up of the sparkly fabric.  You see how it is very similar to the last fabric?  The difference here is that this is 14 ct. Aida cloth and not the 28 ct. Cashel.

The shading from the dye process adds that little something to the background which is why I'm pretty satisfied with using this particular fabric for this project.

So I've prepped the fabric and am ready to start stitching!

I'm going to use the scroll frame this time because that seems to help keep the Aida cloth straighter than a hoop would.


On another note, when I was digging in my bins for the scroll frame I came across ANOTHER UFO that I had forgotten about.  Yet another bookmark that was started and not finished for some reason or another.  I'll work on this one right after I finish the Teresa W. bookmark's backstitching.

So that is where we are at on this fine St. Patrick's Day!  Corned Beef is in the crock pot making my home smell delicious.  

It's IHSW so this fits in VERY nicely with all the work on the stitching this weekend!

If you aren't stitching now, go grab something quick and do a couple just so you can say you did.

Until next time.....


  1. ooOOoo pretty sparkles!! It's great that it arrived already so you can *finally* start again :D

    That blue knot work looks lovely :) I can't wait to see that progress :)

    I didn't do much for St. Patrick's day - we aren't Irish and it's not a thing for us however I did make lime jelly (jello) :)

    1. All I can say is YAY for CROCKPOTS!! Frees the mind and hands for STITCHING, which I DID. Just posted an update to the blue bookmark for your viewing pleasure and should complete it tomorrow.

      Then it's BUSY TIME with the Celtic Goddess and the new fabric. It is very exciting :D

  2. This last week was the World Figure Skating Championships, which means that everything else in my life goes on hold. It's over now, so back to regularly scheduled stitching, (and watching some curling.)
    Love the sparkly fabric, especially the green, because I always love green.
    I don't have a scroll frame, I've looked at them but haven't decided if they would be useful given the position I sit in when, well sitting.

    1. haha! I have to admit that scroll frames can seem bulky and heavy after awhile unless you are doing something quick and easy. The larger ones are VERY heavy so I don't recommend that one. For the medium and small projects they are wonderful and keep that fabric very taught.

      Still no curling on my television which makes me sigh very heavily, but then I've been heavily involved with A Gifted Man and The Shift.

      Now hurry up and finish that 15 sided biscornu so I can leap with joy!

    2. Curling is on right now, but this is Canada which means it's shown live, so the first draw started at 11:30pm looks like I'll only be watching the last draw of the day. 15 sider is ironed and about to be cut up.

    3. I'm admittedly jealous of the fact that you get to watch curling!