Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finished, Found and Frustration

I finished up Side Project b and it came out pretty cute.  Cute enough for a pretty cat named Lady Door.

I really wish I could remember where I got the fabric from, but for some reason that information is buried deep in some locked part of my brain.  Just need the proper clue to bring that memory to the fore.

So here is the information for the patterns themselves: 

The cute Bees are from Issue 187 of The World of Cross Stitching "Country Quackers" page 74, Heart pattern from "Girly gifts by Diane Machin, and the lettering is from Issue 188 of The World of Cross Stitching "Bright and blessed" page 20.

It is really easy to combine patterns, and if you are ever bored, give it a try.  It really isn't that difficult since the patterns are already "created", all you are doing is putting them together a little differently.

I also found this bookmark thingy and a happy birthday thingy when I was digging around my fabric box.  Apparently I had some things hidden in there I didn't know about!  

The bookmark pattern is from Teresa Wentzler, who has some beautiful patterns out in the world.  She even has a website with free patterns in it for various things....DRAGONS, and such.  I like dragons.  Dragons are AWESOME.  You will see more of her stuff stitched by me from patterns by her that have DRAGONS.

Anywho, the bookmark, (back on task here) I used variegated floss as you can see.  This is just the regular variegated DMC 53, 108, 93, 102,57, and 92.  For the backstitching I'm using the 53 with Sulky Holoshimmer 145-6045.  

I have no idea why I stopped where I did because I was almost done with it.  Doesn't make any sense to me, but then WIPs in general shouldn't happen ever and yet they do ALL OF THE TIME...and not just with me but with every stitcher on the planet.

Underneath the bookmark I found ANOTHER item I remember doing for not particular reason about 23 years ago.

I'm not sure who it was intended for but it really is pretty and I'm thinking I can add a 90th  to it and make a card out of it for my grandma who will be 90 years old at the end of this month.

It is a little dirty, not sure how it got dirty....oh, maybe because it's been all over the place for the past 23 years and treated badly! The stitching is lovely still, which is a complete surprise and most of it is still in minty fresh condition.

The title stated frustration, but that really isn't an accurate word for what I'm going to share at this point.

I had finally decided to sew the marker lines onto the fabric to help me count the ways.  As I was doing this I realized that for some reason I had begun stitching the pattern onto the fabric as if I were stitching on Size 11 Ct and not the Size 28 Ct is is supposed to be.

Well, this is where some might think I became very agitated and threw things across the room, or threw my hands up in exasperation.  You would be incorrect on this fine day!  I'm actually HAPPY this happened.

Why? You ask in hesitation as if I had lost my mind because as we all know, ripping out so many FINE stitches would be pure torture for most and we all know how I love to rip out my hard work and how much time it would take to rip all of that out without damaging the fabric and my sanity.

HA! I say to you! HA!

I'm happy about it because I may now institute my plan of attack on this project properly.  I've said before I'd like this to be perfect and the end result beautiful.  What better way than to catch something like this right off the bat than to have half of it done and realized "Dear me, what have I done?" I say EXCELLENT!  PERFECT TIMING!  

Yes, it's weird, but I am a self proclaimed dork and am not able to hide it even if I tried.

All that said, I do have good news on finding a larger place to with a livingroom!  Turns out, my neighbor has just moved and his place is being cleaned and painted as we speak.  I'll begin moving in about a week.  Don't worry, I have a small place now and I am a professional about moving, I have it all worked out in my head already.

For now, I leave you with the box I have to use for the flosses for Project 2!  Couldn't use my usual small floss box...too many colors!

Until next time.....


  1. Love Teresa Wentzel patterns, only done one of the freebies so far, but I have an entire book of hers. in fact next big project is either a Sue Coleman Pattern or the Wentzel Cinderella one (which would be for Mom since she a massive Cinderella fan)

    1. Which Sue Coleman? And did you ever pick up the blue floss to finish Alaska yet? And did you ever figure out who Door is? And I love how Teresa made Cinderella with red hair, kind of funny...the red headed stepchild hahahaha!

    2. The Sue Coleman is a butterfly, Alaska is soon done, should start back stitching tomorrow. Door remains a mystery, all that comes to mind is the book A Door into Summer - the cat was looking for it, but not named door. And the red head suits Mom so much, she wanted a red head and got three brunettes. And yes I enjoy the pun of it.

    3. I'm now seriously wondering if I am the red head she never got!

      The Book is going into THE BOX, Lady Door is from NEVERWHERE, which you will love ;D

    4. That's Neil Gaimen right, I've read some of his, but not that one, was addicted to his Sandman comic, if you haven't read it and can find them, read them. They are amazing.
      Also was in a magazine store and unfortunately stopped and looked at Cross Stitch Gold magazine, I was ohhhing and awwwwing but being very good, and then came to a pattern of Mr. Tumnus and Lucy. Now how am I supposed to refuse a pattern from Narnia. Needless to say I bought the mag.

    5. I AM laughing at you right now! I splurged on the subscription for WORLD OF CROSS STITCHING and am now considering one for Crazy for Cross Stitch hahahaha!

      I will look up the comic and see if I can find it, I love Neil Gaimen so this will certainly be a treat :D

    6. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't resist the pretties. And we both promised to be so good about it.

  2. YAY for the new home and even more YAY that it's not far from where you are now :D

    The bees look wonderful, even with all the pink :)

    The bookmark is amazing - wonderful colours - you probably set aside for a bit to do a quick project for someone and then forgot.

    The happy birthday embroidery is lovely too and it showed up just in time for it to be used for someone who will really appreciate it :D Got some karma stuff happening here you know :)

    It's a shame you have to rip out so much - but I'm happy you are pleased about it! I certainly wouldn't be but then I've had more than my fair share of frog stitching this weekend lol.

    That's a pretty box to use for the project and wil certainly keep all your threads coralled :D

    1. Thank you! I showed my daughter the new place last night and she is as excited as I am :D

      That bookmark! really cannot say why it wasn't finished but if I remember correctly I might have been working on that when the Peter Pumpkin pattern came in and I HAD to work on Peter. But then why I stuffed it in that fabric box I just don't know. The mind is ALWAYS the first thing to get lost ha ha!

      the only issue I'm having with Project 2 is do I re-do it in the 11ct or go with single thread 28 Ct? It will be much smaller. I might have to email Angela and see what she says :D

      The pretty box is a cigar box and I have MANY. My brother is supposed to be sending me more, but we will see about that :D

    2. I'm glad to hear she's just as excited :D

      Ahh yes that would have done it :) you probably just wanted to keep it safe lol.

      Personally I think I'd go for the 11 ct - just cos 28 ct seems so small and having seen some in real life myself now i really wouldn't want to do that myself - but it is of course up to you :)

      Yay good recycling :D I need to dig out an old box for the threads for the mushroom embroidery - they will never fit in any of the boxes I normally use - nor on the tray I use for larger projects.

    3. I love my cigar boxes, I have all sizes and kinds :D I try to use them for various things, but when whatever project is finished I end up with an empty cigar box again :D

    4. I may have to send one over to you!

    5. I think that might make the whole package too heavy ;)