Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dr. Who Scarf and the 2013 Leaflet Project

I have to say, once again, how much I'm enjoying making this scarf!  It is fun, the colors are pretty and Ma Peterson will have the most outstanding scarf ever!  It's hard to put down to do other things.

I received the first order of yarn.  Since the website that has the pattern to all of the Dr. Who scarves didn't specify how many balls one would need, I thought I would begin by ordering two balls of each color required and then figure it out as I went along.  When I finished the first 26 rows of the Almond I was able to figure out how many rows it would take to use one ball of yarn.....sort of.  I can get about 42 rows from each ball.  

Once I had that figured out I was able to order the rest of the balls needed to make this 12 foot long beauty.

My daughter had gone to Anchorage, Alaska for the weekend and prior to getting on the plane to come home she was at Barnes & Nobles in Anchorage and purchased this outstanding bag.  I'm not usually thrilled with the options for yarn bags or project bags, but this bag was so perfect!  She gave me the bag because "I just needed something to carry the extra stuff I bought and knew you would love this bag".  She is correct.  

When she gave me the bag, the first thing I thought of was the Dr. Who Scarf!  The laminated pattern slides nicely into the outside pocket, the little scissors go into one of the inside mesh pockets and ALL of the yarn for this scarf fits neatly into the bag with room on top for the knitted scarf and needles.  

 When I ordered the rest of the yarn for this project, Knit Picks was out of two of the colors and will not have them in until January 31st.  This is fine since I can use what I have and when I get to the point where I need either of the remaining two colors I should have them.  

My girlfriend Nancy had asked once how long it would take me to knit a 12 foot scarf, now we will find out!  Because of this hiccup (you know the one where I have to wait until the end of January for the rest of the yarn), I have decided that freaking out about not getting things done in time for Christmas was too much stress so I will do something different and send out cards and packages at a later date.  I'll share more of that later when I finish everything and get it all into the mail.

As of today this is what I have completed on the scarf.  To me it really does seem to be moving right along, but if we look at the actual pattern, I still have a long road ahead of me.  

2013 Leaflet Project!!!  Oh yes, it's happening.  I've been thinking about this for a few months now and cannot be more excited!

I will launch the Project on January 1, 2013 with every detail needed to either make you cringe or motivate you to do something similar or the same.  It is my hope to motivate, and I would LOVE to hear from others doing the same to make it a group thing.  

Another person who has motivated me is a woman who lives in the Nederlands.  She decided this year to dig through all of her UFO's and WIP's and complete them.  I love that she has done this as she is an amazing stitcher and her ideas are fabulous.  I'm a little addicted to her blog .  Check her out as she not only stitches, but she cooks!  I have tried her recipes and one in particular "Tortilla Cake" was so wonderful my picky eater daughter was looking for left overs in the fridge two days later.  She has also created a section for our club where our stitchers can post WIP's or UFO's and get feedback or suggestions or ask in the event of confusion during a project and I cannot wait to see how that goes right along!

So, get ready!  Next Tuesday we will begin quite an adventure of cross stitch during the next year and I do hope you join in and share with me what you are up to.

Until next time.....which will be January 1, 2013!


  1. That looks so amazing, Mom's going to love it. I shouldn't be commenting, I should be finishing the baby cross stitch thingy cause I NEED it for Christmas, darn internet. I'll go be good now.

    1. haha, I hope you got the cross stitch done in time! I just saw a picture of your mom and she's so cute, which motivates me to knit faster but the Christmas Turkey had to go into the oven and now I have to finish my biscornu but I would rather knit and I have five hours before the turkey comes out but I really want to knit.....

  2. Goodness I didn't realise I still had this lurking in the gazillion open tabs I had that needed looking at but didn't have time for in the Christmas rush!

    It looks like things are going *really* well with the scarf - and it's got you hooked too! That project bag is lovely and looks perfect for you :D

    Yay for the leaflet Project! Bring it on girl!!

    Aww you are too kind! I'm just having fun doing stuff but I'm glad I was able to motivate you in doing so :)